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10 Strongest Naruto Villages Ranked

In the world of Naruto, there are five great nations that have what are considered to be the great shinobi villages. These nations and villages are the main players in politics and trade between the ninja nations. They are the most powerful and, in addition, the leaders of these villages have been recognized with the title of Kage, for governing thousands of soldiers in the ninja world. In this article, we are going to bring you the information on the 10 most powerful villages in the world of Naruto.

Yugakure is the village where Akatsuki member Hidan originated from. It is located in the Country of Hot Springs. It was previously a ninja village, but Yugakure decided that it no longer wanted to be a hidden village and became a peaceful and prosperous town. However, Hidan, growing up, showed to follow the violent trend of the Jashin religion, the village did not agree with this and so Hidan killed his neighbors before leaving the village.

It appears in chapter 92 of Naruto Shippuden. When Kabuto Yakushi and Yūkimaru are on a trip and stop to rest. Yūkimaru meets Naruto Uzumaki at a spring and talks with him about how hearts can communicate.

There you can’t see much of the village, but it looks a bit small and without walls to protect it; unlike most Hidden Villages that do have them in case they are attacked. This is perhaps because it has never been considered a Hidden Village. It was evacuated by the Shinobi Alliance forces, because it was chosen as the battlefield for the Fourth Shinobi World War.

Takigakure is located in the Land of Waterfall. His ninjas seem to specialize in Water Release techniques. Little is known about the history of this village, except that Kakuzu, from Akatsuki, comes from it. The hidden village suffered a historical crime at the hands of Kakuzu himself, who, as revenge for the punishment imposed for failing in his mission to assassinate the First Hokage, steals the Kinjutsu of his village, Jiongu, which he uses against the leaders of the hidden village and it becomes his main skill.

In the anime, according to Shibuki, due to its excellent Jōnin, which demonstrated the power of the village, it was considered a great village, which earned them the Seven Tails. Although there were two Genin teams in the Chūnin Exam, neither made it past the first test. It is also known that Fū, the Jinchūriki of Chōmei, hails from this village.

Otogakure is a ninja village located in the Land of Rice Fields. It is Orochimaru’s personal village, which was founded for the explicit purpose of collecting ninjas for his experiments and his quest to learn all the jutsus.

After Orochimaru fled from Konohagakure and became part of Akatsuki, he took advantage of the situation in the Country of Rice Fields to create his own village, in order to experiment with people and have a particular place to gather enough ninjas to attack Konoha. During the creation of this village, Orochimaru collected a large number of shinobi, including members of the Fūma Clan.

Uzushiogakure was an ancient village that was located within the Whirlpool Country, also called the Village of Longevity, the people of this village were recognized because they lived for many years. This village had a close relationship with Konoha to the point that they used the symbol of this village on the official uniforms of the Leaf Chūnin and Jōnin (The Red Spirals) as a symbol of friendship.

This village no longer exists because it was destroyed by some villages in fear of their power and control of their clans, (the Uzumaki Clan), it had a powerful fuinjutsu “The Seal of Four Symbols”, but the survivors were divided into several parts of the world, was so well known for its mastery of stamps that, during the ninja war, it was razed to the ground to avoid complications.

Kirigakure, also known as the Blood Mist Village, is a ninja village located in the Land of Water. Being one of the great shinobi villages, it has a Kage, who is the leader of the village known by the title of Mizukage, so far there have been six, the most recent being Chōjūrō. The shinobi of this village are highly skilled in the use of Water Release techniques.

Not much is known about the beginnings of Kirigakure, but the first head of the village attended the first Kage Meeting, it is known that during the tenure of his successor, he had a conflict with Iwagakure caused by the Yosuga Pass incident.

Despite this, they received many praises for having a great military force, in addition to the fact that it is said that Akatsuki was created in this same village, this being the hypothesis that created a great mistrust between the villages towards her.

Amegakure is a small, highly industrialized village that is considered to be a land cut off from the outside world. A series of small hamlets surround this village. As its name indicates, it rains almost permanently on the town. Many ninjas in this village seem to wear a kind of mask that allows them to breathe under the rainwater and carry umbrellas as their ninja weapons, which allows them to protect themselves from the eternal rain of their village.

It is located in the Land of Rain, which is located around the Land of Fire, Wind, and Earth; because of this the town was turned into a battlefield between all these ninja nations. One of the main characteristics of the village is that it is made up of large towers, which are used by the people as cemeteries. It is said that in the highest tower of this village, was its former leader named Nagato.

Sunagakure is a ninja village in the Country of the Wind. Being one of the Five Great Ninja Villages, said village has a Kage as its leader known as the Kazekage, who lives in a spherical structure in the center of the village. So far there have been five Kazekages, Gaara being the most recent of these. Sunagakure was founded by the First Kazekage, Reto, where he gathered the desert-dwelling shinobi and brought them under his control with his overwhelming power.

At some point the town came into possession of the One-Tail, and over the years the beast was sealed into three different personas so that its capabilities could be studied.

The Third Kazekage was able to create the Iron Sand by imitating Shukaku’s ability to control sand, thanks to this he was recognized as the strongest Kazekage and even his weapon was recognized by Chiyo, one of the strongest Jonin in the village, as the most feared weapon in the history of Suna

Iwagakure is a ninja village located in the Land of Earth. As it is one of the Five Great Shinobi Villages it has a Kage, who is the leader of the village known by the title of Tsuchikage, currently there have been four, the most recent being Kurotsuchi. The ninjas of this village specialize in the use of techniques that use Earth-type nature.

Furthermore, this village is known to have had in its possession two tailed beasts: the Four-Tails and the Five-Tails. Iwagakure is surrounded by a large number of mountains that serve its people as a natural defense against enemy attacks, so the village is proud of its great defenses.

The village is situated on a chain of mountains from which small narrow waterfalls emerge, with buildings made of rock and stone; in the form of large formations and towering rocks in tower structures. The buildings are connected to each other through bridges and the largest building is where the Tsuchikage stays.

Kumogakure is the Hidden Village of the Land of Lightning. As one of the Five Great Shinobi Villages, Kumogakure has its own Kage, a leader known as the Raikage. Five ninjas have been in the position, the most recent being Darui. The use of Lightning Release and Kenjutsu techniques seem to be common among the ninjas of the village.

It was the only one of the Five Great Villages that never had a fugitive in Akatsuki, something the Fourth Raikage took great pride in. During the First Great Shinobi World War, Kumogakure tried to form an alliance with Konoha. During a ceremony to sign the peace treaty between the Second Raikage and the Second Hokage, the Gold and Silver Brothers staged a coup.

The Hokage was severely injured, and the brothers became the most reviled criminals in Kumogakure’s history. It is unclear what happened to them after the failed coup, it is only known that a group of ninjas from Kumogakure known as the Kinkaku Army were responsible for the Second Hokage’s death. The First Shinobi War ended with an armistice treaty, but only after all of the Five Great Shinobi Nations were seriously damaged.

Konohagakure is the hidden village of the Land of Fire. As one of the Five Great Ninja Villages, Konoha has a Kage as its leader known as the Hokage. In total, Konoha has had seven Hokage, with Naruto Uzumaki being the current one. On a mountain overlooking the town from the north rises the Hokage Rock.

Even though Konoha, like the country it resides in, has been relatively peaceful since the end of the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, it remains one of the most powerful towns in existence, having great military power and influence, although this had been diminished a few years ago by Orochimaru and Pain’s attacks.

Before the creation of the ninja villages, they were organized into small mercenary clans that were hired for battle. Of the countless ninja clans, the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan were the strongest. After much bloodshed, the Senju clan offered the Uchiha a truce.

The leader of the Uchiha, Madara Uchiha told Hashirama that in order to gain his trust he must commit suicide or kill his brother, Tobirama. Hashirama, without hesitation, chose the option of committing suicide but Madara stops him arguing that he had already seen his guts, so the clans allied. After the alliance they made a pact with the Land of Fire to create a ninja village.

The Senju, Uchiha, and other clans came together to create Konoha. Madara named the village and Hashirama created the Hokage name for the village leader, who thought that Madara was the most suitable for that position, to which Tobirama and the rest of the villagers, including the Clan members Uchiha, they refused.

Hashirama Senju, the leader of the Senju, used his Wood Release abilities to produce much of the village’s infrastructure. For this reason he was selected to be the first Hokage by the villagers.

10. Yugakure

9. Takigakure

8. Otogakure

7. Uzushiogakure

6. Kirigakure

5. Amegakure

4. Sunagakure

2. Kumogakure

1. Konohagakure

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