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2049 in the Arrowverse Looks a Lot Like Today

The Arrowverse has grown and changed a lot in the past decade, but a glimpse of its future shows that it has gone stale and may be nearing its end.

The following contains spoilers for Earth-Prime #6, on sale now from DC Comics.

For over a decade now, the Arrowverse has grown from a single show on CW to creating its own superhero universe. New additions are constantly introduced, including major storylines like Crisis on Infinite Earths. One addition to the Arrowverse that has become popular over the years is the future of its universe, specifically, the year 2049.

Although it has changed a couple of times due to the time-traveling adventures in Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash and the aforementioned Crisis, it has grown to become an important part of the Arrowverse. That’s why it was the main focus of the final issue of the tie-in comic Earth-Prime #6 (by Jeff Hersh, Thomas Pound, Will Robson, Alex Sinclair and Tom Napolitano). However, despite how different things seemed in the shows, 2049 in this comic doesn’t look too different from the Arrowverse of today.

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One of the big things that remained the same was Supergirl. She was the one fighting Magog for most of the issue. Not only has she not aged a day (in typical Kryptonian fashion) but her costume is still the same as it was when her show ended. It seems a little odd, especially considering that the ending of Supergirl gave Kara a whole new status quo. Seeing her just be the same old Supergirl nearly three decades later makes it seem like nothing has changed at all.

The same could be said for Batwoman, Ryan Wilder. Although she got a Batman Beyond upgrade to her suit, she was still the main protector of Gotham, despite her age. By the time Bruce Wayne was her age, he had retired and handed the reigns over to Terry McGinnis. So it makes very little sense that the aging Ryan is still going strong. It doesn’t just stop there though, with heroes like the Atom also still running around.

By the end of the issue, it’s clear just how little has changed. All the heroes who formed the Arrowverse’s Justice League are still gathered at the Hall of Justice even though it makes little to no sense at all. Barry, Wally and Jay are still there, all three speedsters looking exactly the same as they did decades before and are joined by the supposedly retired Black Lightning. It seems so strange that in such an expansive and ever-changing universe there isn’t even a hint of a new generation waiting to step up.

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The only real change came in the form of Superman. When speedster Barry Allen’s children, Bart and Nora, raced to the Kent farm to enlist the Man of Steel’s help in fighting Magog after everyone else had disappeared. Surprisingly, he wasn’t sporting a Kingdom Come costume to take down his famous foe. He wasn’t sporting a costume at all because he had retired. He never joined the new fight and when he met up with the other heroes in the Hall of Justice it was as Clark Kent — not Superman.

However, it’s not just the main characters who remained the same, their supporting players haven’t changed much either. For example, Chester is still at S.T.A.R. Labs in the exact same role — 27 years without even a promotion. Things should have progressed further within this large time span as they did with Star City and its new Green Arrow, Mia Queen. Instead, 2049 shows an unchanged Arrowverse, with only a handful of new heroes added into the mix. For a universe that’s been growing for over a decade, what’s shown in this comic gives the impression that the Arrowverse is stagnating. The lack of radical change in 2049 may suggest that the Arrowverse is running on borrowed time. Shows like Superman and Lois are keeping the flame alive for now, but it’s yet to be seen if that is enough to keep this universe alive.

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