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25 Best Angry Anime Girls you Need to See (with Images)

Here is a list of the 25 best angry anime girls. The article is going to contain images of famous female characters from various anime series and franchises while being angry. We are going to provide you with the basic information on each of the characters.

Appears in: Attack on Titan

Mikasa was the ward of Eren’s parents, Grisha and Carla, and is one of the main protagonists of the series, alongside Armin. After the murder of her biological parents by human traffickers, Mikasa was saved by Eren and lived with the Jäger family until the fall of the Maria Wall.

She is the last descendant of the Shogun clan who remained on Paradise Island, therefore linked to the Azumabito family, and is, therefore, a high personality of Heazul. Although she only wants to lead a peaceful life alongside those she loves, most notably Eren, Mikasa has entered the Army of the Walls.

Appears in: One Piece

Boa Hancock is the captain of the Kuja pirates and the Amazon Empress Lily, which is why she is also known as “The Pirate Empress”, while the island’s Amazons refer to her as “The Serpent Princess”. She is considered the most beautiful woman in the world; accustomed to seeing her interlocutors fall in love with her at her feet and always being forgiven for her beauty, Hancock poses as a selfish, spoiled and haughty woman.

Hancock has ingested the Paramisha Mero Mero fruit, with which she can cast a heart-shaped ray that petrifies anyone who is captivated by the beauty of the woman.

Franchise: Fullmetal Alchemist

Izumi teaches alchemy to the Elric brothers; she also attempted a human transmutation on her stillborn child and thereby opened the door and saw the Truth. This transmutation caused her to lose internal organs as a pledge and as a result, she became sterile and regularly spits blood from her mouth. She has a great mastery of martial arts and alchemy. She can also, due to the fact that she has seen the door of Truth, practice alchemy without a circle. Her husband is Sig Curtis.

Franchise: Naruto

Hinata Hyūga whose current name is Hinata Uzumaki is a member of Team 8 who suffers from a lack of self-confidence. Although she was born to the main branch of the Hyūga clan and raised to become the future head of the clan, Hinata’s shyness and inability to stand up for herself resulted in her father Hiashi’s strong disapproval after being defeated by her younger sister Hanabi, who became their father’s successor.

Hinata was disowned by Hiashi and placed in the care of Kurenai Yuhi. Under Kurenai’s guidance, Hinata began training to become strong in both skills and will to prove herself to her father. Hinata’s growing self-confidence stems primarily from her longstanding admiration for Naruto, as she is inspired by her enthusiasm and her unwavering determination to never give up. As the series progresses, Hinata’s admiration for Naruto eventually turns to love.

During Part II, Hinata confesses her feelings to Naruto as she protects him from Pain and later helps him during the Ninja Allies’ battle against the Ten-Tails. Following the end of the Fourth Great Ninja War, and the events of The Last: Naruto the Movie where she carries out the will of her ancestor Hamura Ōtsutsuki by helping Naruto stop Toneri, Hinata marries Naruto and they have two children in the epilogue of the series.

Franchise: Jujutsu Kaisen

A young exorcist in the first class at the Tokyo Curse School. Along with Toge and Panda, she recruits Megumi and Nobara (and later Yuji) to participate in the tournament against the Kyoto Twin School. She comes from a prestigious exorcist clan and is heir to it as the eldest child, but due to her low occult strength, she and her twin sister Mai have been demoted to the rank of clan servant.

Franchise: Naruto

Tsunade then becomes the fifth Hokage of Konoha, and his face appears on the “Hokage wall”. Later, she takes Sakura Haruno as a student and teaches her medical ninjutsu, as well as the secret to her phenomenal strength. By dint of staying with her, Sakura also inherits her temperament, which more than once frightens Naruto, Jiraiya or Kakashi.

Ino Yamanaka also becomes his disciple to learn medical ninjutsu. She also summons slugs to protect villagers and ninjas during Pain’s attack, and uses her colossal chakra supply to heal ninjas and the wounded. Attacked by Shurado (the “murderer” of Jiraiya) and at the end of her strength (having consumed all her chakra for the inhabitants of Konoha), she is saved in extremis by Naruto who destroys Pain’s motorized body in one fell swoop. Naruto then offers him to go drink a tea and rest.

Having consumed too much chakra, she finds herself at the end of the fights in a coma and can no longer ensure her load of Hokage. As the daimyo of the Land of Fire prepares to name Kakashi Hokage after Danzo’s death, Gai steps in to announce that Tsunade has woken up.

Franchise: The Promised Neverland

The central character of The Promised Neverland. She has extraordinary physical and learning abilities. She is one of three children achieving a perfect score (300 points) in the daily exams. Following the “adoption” of Conny, another child from the orphanage, Emma notices that the little girl has forgotten her stuffed bunny and decides to bring it to her before she leaves. Although it is forbidden, she will convince Norman to go to the place of his departure, beyond the portal of the orphanage. They then find out the truth.

Franchise: The Seven Deadly Sins

The commandment of Faith and original member of the clan before being sealed and the betrayal of Meliodas. She specializes in all kinds of dark spells, her most characteristic ability being that of bringing back the souls of all individuals who have passed away using the repentance of the deceased as her motivation.

She, in appearance, is similar to a young girl surrounded by a strange dark aura but her true appearance is that of a viper that shrinks in physical size as she loses magical miasma.

She participated in the first holy war where she was mentally manipulated by Gowther to free her creator from the prison of the underworld, years later she would be sealed along with the rest of her companions by the clan of goddesses for more than 3000 years.

Franchise: Gosick

Because she has blood from Seyrun or the people of the gray wolves, the Marquis of Blois, her father, decided to isolate her in the depths of his mansion so that one day he could use the brilliant minds that the people born there have. When she reached a certain age, she was allowed to stay at Academia Santa Margarita, on the condition that she does not leave the campus unless her father or brother allowed it.

She spends her days in the upper part of the library, which is also a greenhouse; there, Kazuya always finds her reading difficult books and/or in other languages. In addition to her sharp tongue, utter frankness, and eccentric attitude of hers; Victorique also possesses incredible detective skills. According to Grevil of Blois, Kazuya is the first person Victorique is willing to solve police cases for without expecting anything in return (or doing it just for candy).

Appears in: Sailor Moon

Ten thousand years ago, Sailor Moon was still just Princess Serenity, heir to the Silver Millennium, the kingdom on the moon. She is surrounded by Queen Serenity, her mother, and her four bodyguards, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, guided by Sailor Venus. The Princess Serenity admires the Earth from afar, which she finds absolutely wonderful.

At a ball, she meets Prince Endymion, the Prince of Earth. They fall in love with each other and live their love underground. But one day, Metallia and Queen Beryl manipulate the Terrans, who end up invading the Moon. Prince Endymion comes to Princess Serenity’s rescue, but the two lovers end up perishing along with all the other inhabitants of the Moon.

Queen Serenity uses her last strength to seize the Silver Crystal and sends her daughter’s soul to Earth to be reincarnated in the future. Sensing the awakening of Beryl’s Metallia at the end of the twentieth century in Tokyo, Luna, a pet of Queen Serenity (Queen Serenity) also comes out of her torpor and goes in search of the Sailor warriors.

Franchise: One-Punch Man

A young woman who is sometimes ungrateful to her peers, gifted with super telekinetic powers to face her opponents. She looks like a kid because of her powers, which are said to have stunted her growth, but is 28 years old. His powers are powerful enough to effortlessly destroy a city, stop shells, create natural disasters, or even rain meteorites.

She can also create force fields to protect herself and has many mystical powers, which we have not yet seen, according to Silverfang (silver fang). Because of her bad temper, she has the annoying habit of swearing at her interlocutors for a yes or a no. She hates being held up to her, and does what she wants in the association of heroes, refusing missions or denigrating heroes at will.

She only considers a few heroes of rank S and feels for all the others of the pity and the contempt they are so weak compared to them. She hates being reminded that she looks like a kid or that she’s # 2 after Blast. Many people, even heroes, are afraid of them, except Saïtama, whom she also hates for her daring and stupidity (ignoring her real strength) because the latter in addition to not knowing her, is zero in general knowledge, and constantly reminds him that he does not understand how a child can be a hero.

Flash the lightning who can’t stand her putting him down (himself being very arrogant) and a few people. Although arrogant and proud, she loves her little sister “Fubuki” Blizzard Infernal very much, even if she doesn’t show it and tends to overprotect her as much as she can.

Franchise: Fairy Tail

Lucy Heartfilia dreams of being part of the most famous guild in the kingdom of Fiore: Fairy Tail, which she will be able to integrate thanks to Natsu. It is a constellationist who can summon spirits with the help of magic keys, each corresponding to a constellation. Although she is a little shy, she can be scary toward Natsu.

Franchise: Naruto

Sakura Haruno, whose current name is Sakura Uchiha, is a Jōnin from Konohagakure, she was the female member of Team 7. Sakura was teased by other children because of her long forehead. She was comforted and defended by Ino Yamanaka for teasing her.

As the two grew up, however, they grew distant due to their fondness for Sasuke. During most of the first part, Sakura is in love with Sasuke, and despises Naruto Uzumaki. But after Sasuke leaves the village, Naruto made him a promise to bring him back. After the first attempt is delayed by the Sound Four, Sakura decides to become strong by training with Tsunade.

In the second part, at 16 years old, she shows highly developed skills from her training, gaining enormous strength and power from ten men. In the series epilogue, Sakura ended up marrying Sasuke Uchiha and they have a daughter, Sarada Uchiha.

Franchise: Fullmetal Alchemist

Riza is none other than the daughter of Mustang’s master alchemy who, at the time of her death, entrusted the care and safety of young Riza to the future Flame Alchemist. However, the situation in which she finds herself is paradoxical. Indeed, she protects the colonel to help him achieve his objectives but he asked her to kill him if he crossed certain limits. A large tattoo covers most of her back.

There are written the notes on the ultimate incandescent alchemy that his father did not have time to entrust to his disciple. Riza will hand them over to Mustang, which will allow him to become the Flame Alchemist. Following the Ishbal War where she participated as a sniper, she asked Mustang to burn the tattoo, which he did in part, not only to prevent the appearance of a new Flame Alchemist.

Franchise: Bleach

Soi Fon which means “Fast Wind” in Chinese, is the captain of the 2nd division of Gotei 13 and the commander of the 1st division of Omnitsukido (Keigun, the executors’ division), she succeeded Shihōin Yoruichi in the same posts. Her real name Shaorin Fon, she is part of a family of lesser ranks in the service of the Shihōin family, one of the four great families of Soul Society. She is the sixth of six siblings, her five brothers all died during their first missions.

Appears in: My Hero Academia

A mentally unstable and sadistic young girl inspired by Stain, who develops a romantic obsession with Midoriya, often seeing him battered. She was once a girl belonging to a wealthy family, but because of her power she became irremediably attracted to blood, going so far as to kill a companion she liked and then drink his blood, taking pleasure in it: this event led her to flee. home and to be discriminated against until she joined the Union.

Franchise: Jujutsu Kaisen

A first-year witch studying at the Tokyo Institute of Occult Arts under the tutelage of Gojo. She moved to university to be able to live in Tokyo free of charge. She meets Itadori and Megumi during her first official mission as a sorcerer. Nobara is a lively woman with great confidence in herself and in her ability to overcome any situation. Although she is not nearly on the same level as Yuji, Nobara proves she can be ignorant or misinformed on several occasions. She uses a hammer and nails infused with her magical power as a weapon to exorcise curses.

Franchise: One Piece

Nami is an orphan who, as a baby, was adopted along with her half-sister Nojiko by Bellmer, a naval lieutenant. The three went to live in the village of Coco, on the Orange Archipelago in the East Sea.

Eight years later, however, the village was targeted by the fish-man pirate Arlong, who occupied it with his crew and imposed enormous taxes on the inhabitants: Bellmer, unable to pay both for her and for the two girls, was killed by the pirate in changing the life of the daughters.

Nami was then kidnapped by Arlong and forced to act as their cartographer, tattooing the symbol of their crew on her arm.

Franchise: Tokyo Ghoul

Tōka Kirishima is a ghoul and a former waitress of the Antiquity. In combat, she wears a mask resembling the head of a white rabbit with pink hair, hence her nickname Rabbit. At the start of the series, she is a 3rd-year student at Kiyomi High School.

With the help of Hinami Fueguchi, she kills Inspector Kureo Mado. After the battle of the 11th arrondissement and the departure of Ken Kaneki from Antiquity, she took refuge in studies, gradually realizing her love for the young boy who had become one-eyed ghoul.

Franchise: Detective Conan

Her real name is Shiho Miyano, her code name is Sherry. She engineered the poison, APTX 4869, which Conan swallowed. When her sister Akemi Miyano died, she refused to continue her research and was imprisoned. She manages to escape by taking the poison and takes refuge with Professor Agasa, taking, with his help, the pseudonym of Ai Haibara. The organization was her only family with her sister, indeed, her parents died when she was little. Ai Haibara grew up in the United States with her sister.

Franchise: Dragon Ball

Bulma is introduced as a 16-year-old teenager when she discovers the legend of the Dragon Balls. So during school holidays, she decides to go in search of boules in order to make her dearest wish come true: to have a fiancé. Equipped with a radar she made, she goes in search of the seven Dragon Balls. The radar will take him to the owner of the four-star ball: Son Goku.

Together, they go in search of the other five Dragon Balls (she already had 2 before her meeting with Son Goku). As this quest progresses, Bulma and Goku encounter Kame-Sen’nin after finding his pet turtle; Oolong, a pig capable of changing shape and terrorizing a village; Yamcha and his companion, a cat with a changing figure. Bulma and Yamcha start a relationship.

Franchise: Pokémon

She is part of the main group with Brock and Ash intermittently for the first five seasons. From season 6, she returns to the Cerulean Gym to lead it instead of her sisters who cruise around the world. The young girl has decided to follow Ash until he reimburses her for his bicycle destroyed by Pikachu. But finally, she forgets this reason and decides to accompany Ash in Kanto, Johto, and the Orange Archipelago in order to perfect her learning in order to become Master of Water-type Pokémon.

Franchise: Fullmetal Alchemist

Winry Rockbell is the childhood friend of the two Elric brothers, she is also the mechanic of Edward Elric. She lost her parents during the Ishbal War, as they were killed by Scar, an Ishbal patient whom they had nevertheless treated.

Passionate about automails, she will eventually leave her home to settle in Rush Valley in order to improve herself in the making of more efficient automails and thus help Edward Elric and Alphonse Elric as best he can, by crying and moaning most of the time. time. She is very worried about them.

Franchise: Mirai Nikki

Yuno Gasai, also known as “Second”, is Yukiteru’s classmate; and an excellent pupil and supposedly fiancée of Yukiteru, she does everything to protect him, even at the cost of her life, following him throughout the game.

She wishes Yukiteru to win, but does not know how to control his reactions and hides heavy secrets. Her Mirai Nikki, “Love Diary” is a cell phone that provides her with information about Yukiteru’s future ten minutes in advance.

Franchise: Bleach

Rukia Kuchiki is a shinigami, whose fate will change when she meets Ichigo as well as the vice-captain of the Thirteenth Division. She’s a bit of a tomboy who adores bunnies and drawing pictures (which Ichigo says are really awful), but according to Renji, she always has an aura of sweetness around her. She is nonetheless the trigger character of the manga and she is a really endearing character.

She was adopted just under 50 years ago by the noble Kuchiki family, a very important shinigami family and thanks to this she did not need to take an exam to enter Gotei 13. She is part of the 13th Division and is under the command of Jūshiro Ukitake. We don’t have any information about his past life on Earth, we just know it was a long time ago.

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