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30 Best Berserk Quotes About Life, Power, & Struggle

Berserk is one of the most popular manga and anime of all time because it’s a series that has become quite relatable to a lot of different people. There are a lot of fans that simply love the overall combination of action, drama, and storytelling in Berserk. Anchored by Guts, the stoic and tragic main character, Berserk is a manga and anime series that everyone should be able to enjoy.

With that said, there are a lot of different lessons about life, power, and struggle that you can get from Berserk. Not only is it an immensely enjoyable anime with plenty of action and drama, but it is also a series that will allow you to understand life from a different perspective. As such, we have a good list of the Berserk quotes that will allow you to learn more about life, power, and struggle.

This is one of the most meaningful quotes in Berserk, as it gives you a good perspective on what life is all about. There are a lot of things that you can experience and enjoy along the way while you are living your life. But if you tend to focus on one single thing the entire time, you’ll easily miss out on the other things that make life so beautiful.

The truth is that life isn’t something that you should live for one single purpose because there are a lot of things to live for in life. While it may be good to focus on a goal, that doesn’t mean that you should forget about enjoying all of the other things along the way. Life is all about the journey instead of the destination.

Living life is not about being alive but is all about feeling everything you need to feel so that you’ll actually feel that you’re alive. Feeling things like pleasure and pain forms part of what life is all about. Not being able to feel any of those means that there’s no use in living life at all because you’ll miss out on what makes life beautiful.

Of course, the very nature of man is being able to feel pleasure and pain. The two go hand in hand with one another because there would be no pleasure without pain. And being able to go through the painful moments to get to the pleasurable ones is what makes life worth living.

One of the things that people should understand is that sadness is a big part of life. You won’t be able to live life to the fullest without sad moments that will allow you to appreciate what being happy is all about. And the worst part is that those who can’t stand moments of sadness tend to cling to hatred.

What this basically means is that people should understand how to handle sadness because those who cling on to their sadness tend to become more spiteful. Sadness shouldn’t be a reason for hatred but should be a way for people to understand what it takes to be happy.

The most important thing about life has a dream that you should steer your life towards because dreaming is what gives meaning to life. People who have dreams tend to be the ones who have a clear direction, even when the dream ends up ruining their lives. And only those who have clear dreams tend to be tortured by them every night.

Then again, even if you do end up getting ruined by your dream, that isn’t a reason to quit. When you dream, there are challenges that you need to hurdle along the way. And that is what makes dreaming so great because it allows you to become a better person by overcoming the challenges and difficulties in front of you.

When you live life, there are certain moments and people that will help make it more meaningful. Life isn’t all about living it by yourself because the journey towards your goal will include meeting people along the way and having great moments that you will cherish, regardless of whether they are good or bad.

Every single memorable moment and person you meet along the way will help define you as a person. These are sparks that will light a fire in you. That’s why it is important that you cherish these moments and people for as long as you live because they help make life worth living.

To live isn’t simply a state of being alive because there is more to life than just being out there going through the motions. There is no meaning to life if you just do nothing with it or if there isn’t even a greater meaning behind what you want in life. That’s why there are some instances when you must fight for your life instead of simply living it.

When you say you are fighting for life, it doesn’t mean that you are literally in a fight. It could mean that you are trying to overcome challenges along the way of your dreams. So, if you want to be able to live life to the fullest, fighting for your dreams and overcoming challenges is the best way to do so instead of simply going through the motions.

There is a deeper meaning to the saying “no man is an island” because this statement doesn’t only mean that you should interact with people in your life as it also means that you need to learn how to live life helping other people out and also relying on the strength that they provide you. This is what that Berserk quote means.

When you’re alone, you are free to do whatever you want to do in life, and it doesn’t even matter. But when you are living with and for other people, it becomes even more important for you to think about them because you now both rely on each other’s strengths. And when you understand what it means to rely on each other, pushing on with life becomes easier and more manageable.

Everyone has a wish in life, regardless of how big or small their wishes may be. However, oftentimes, people have wishes that tend to be difficult for them to achieve, and that’s what it means to have “small flames” in terms of their wishes. And this is the reason why plenty of people tend to work together and bring their small flames together so that it will be easier for them to achieve their dreams.

But there are also moments when people tend to bring their dreams to a bigger dream because they don’t want the spark of their dreams to die down. They tend to rely on someone bigger and more capable of handling their own dreams instead of working on their dreams. That is why people often rely on religion and other similarly big groups for their dreams instead of working on them on their own.

Life is created by the choices you make down the road. Whatever you have right now and whoever you have by your side, they are all products of the different choices and decisions you make throughout your life. And the truth is that, whatever your choices may be, regret and reluctance will always be there to make you feel like you made the bad decisions.

Then again, the important part of life is that you don’t make excuses even if life makes you regret your decisions. Excuses are only going to hold you down in the path you choose in life. But if you don’t make any excuses, the regrets are going to be easier to live with because you know for yourself that you no made a choice. 

The most important part of life is having a dream that you want to achieve. Chasing dreams is what makes life so meaningful because you need to have something to look forward to. Of course, all of the decisions you make right now and tomorrow will affect your dream in the long run, and that’s why it is important to have a greater goal in mind.

No matter what your dream may be, you will also have a few wins or losses along the way. Even if you do end up losing in the end when chasing your dream, it is still important to chase a dream because the journey and the experiences along the way are what make chasing a dream so beautiful. 

It is important to take note that life is about your own battle. You have to fight your own fight in life because you have the power to control where you want to go. That also means that, to be powerful, you need to take control of your own life in the sense that you shouldn’t live fighting another man’s war.

Those who live their lives fighting another person’s battles just to end up perishing are those who weren’t able to live their own lives to the fullest. In that regard, life becomes meaningless for those who don’t even have the power to control what they want to do and which fights they want to fight.

Another thing that people need to understand about being powerful is knowing for a fact that we aren’t in this world just to become someone else’s errand boy. People shouldn’t be doing things just because someone else told them to do so, especially if what they are asked to do is against what they hold dear in life.

To be powerful means doing things that you want to do because you want to do them. Meanwhile, to be weak is being an errand boy that does things he hates but still does them because they were told to do so. And there’s nothing worse than that.

When it comes to life, the most important thing to have is a dream because that is what gives meaning and purpose to life. Having a dream means steering your life towards that dream, as all of the decisions you make in life tend to focus on achieving that one single dream that you want to accomplish. But it is important to dream for yourself and do it because you want to.

One of the things that people should understand about power is this is something that can only be achieved if you dream of being powerful for yourself and not for others. That’s why those who are powerful are ambitious enough to have a dream that they want to achieve for themselves instead of achieving it for other people.

There is nothing more powerful than a man who is defiant with what fate has in store for him. One of the problems that people tend to have in life is that they believe that everything has already been set in stone by a god and that they can’t do anything about it. But a truly powerful man knows that not even a god is strong enough to keep him from achieving his dreams.

Being religious and believing in a higher being is part and parcel of being human. But thinking that you have your limits in life because a god is keeping you from achieving what you want in life is a sign of weakness. That’s why you have to be defiant enough against your fate if you want to achieve your dreams.

One of the most iconic parts of Berserk is Guts’ huge sword, which is basically too big to be called a sword. Guts is basically the progenitor of the big-sword movement in manga and anime because he wields a weapon too big to be even called a regular sword. However, he was able to make use of it effectively throughout the entire Berserk story.

What this basically means in life is that there is no reason for you to conform to the norms. Just like how Guts never conformed with what a standard sword should look like, you shouldn’t also conform to normal standards just because these are the norms. If you have to carry a clunky and heavy sword in life because you’re comfortable with it, there’s nothing wrong with that. And doing what you want and what you’re comfortable with is a sign of power.

It is quite often that powerful people have to make big and small sacrifices so that they can achieve their goals. However, it is also true that there are some people who are afraid of making the smallest sacrifices because they are too worried about the consequences. And that is what is holding them back.

For people to walk and continue on with their lives, they have to understand that there are some instances when sacrifices have to be made to achieve power. And if you’re too afraid to make the sacrifice, then you will never even be able to walk towards where you want to be in your life.

Life isn’t always about being able to dish out the hardest blows because life is more about resiliency. Those who are powerful were able to achieve power because they were resilient enough to absorb all of the different blows that were thrown their way. That is what it means to be the last man standing.

A person who wants to achieve power and stay powerful should outlast the competition. You have to be resilient enough to take all of the hits because life tends to dish out haymakers in waves. And the winner in life will always be the last man standing because you won’t win a marathon if you start out sprinting but end up losing gas in the middle.

Make no mistake about the fact that wearing armor is important in a literal and figurative manner. You need to arm yourself with armor if you want to be able to keep yourself protected from everything that life throws at you. But the problem comes if you rely too much on your armor without arming yourself with the weapons you also need to defend yourself.

This is why it is important for you to balance things out. If you rely too much on your armor, such that you may be able to take hits, but you can’t dish them out yourself, you are still weak. You need to also have the weapons and tools you need in life to dish out some hits without relying too much on how much your armor can take.

If you want to talk about power, the truly powerful people are those who are able to affect the world with every decision that they make. They are essentially the keys that allow the world to keep on moving, especially if they are born into power and wealth. These are usually the big politicians or the scions of large companies that essentially control much of the world’s entire wealth.

Of course, these people tend to be transcendent in the sense that they don’t belong to the usual social hierarchy established by society. They are not even at the top of the hierarchy because, in many ways, the system we have in life is built around the fact that they are essentially gods in terms of how powerful they are.

No matter how powerful a person may be, the world will never bend to the will of that person. It is similar to how a single fish can never disturb the flow of the river no matter how much it tries. The river will always flow in one direction regardless of how big or small the fish is.

There are too many people who think too highly of themselves just because they have become so powerful. It might be true that a bigger fish can swallow up an entire ocean full of other fish and can basically control the world as far as where society goes. However, that fish will never change the flow of the river in the same way that a powerful person can never affect the fact that time will always pass and the world will always move on regardless of what that person does. Having power can be good but thinking that you are powerful enough to control the entire world is hubris.

It is common for people to struggle when they are in the middle of chasing their goals in life. However, these struggles, as big as they may seem at the moment, are usually just tiny stones that don’t even serve as roadblocks. And that’s what this Berserk quote is all about.

No matter how tough a challenge may be in the middle of the road towards your goals, you need to see every bit of roadblock as a small stone that merely made you stumble momentarily. But if you focus on what lies ahead, it will be easier for you to pick yourself up so that you can chase your dreams as soon as you begin walking again.

To be human is to be mortal and fragile. No matter how tough we may seem to be, we are still very fragile beings that will easily get wounded. But the thing about being human is that we also have the capacity to fight through whatever challenges are in front of us and to overcome whatever struggles we are experiencing.

To overcome challenges is to fight to survive, and that’s what makes us special. The human race has seen a lot of challenges throughout its existence, but none of them have ever been able to keep humans down. As fragile as we are, we know how to get through any kind of struggle in life to fight for survival.

In times of struggle, the thing that we often forget is the fact that we also need to appreciate what we have in the here and now. There are plenty of people who fail to appreciate how important it is to live in the moment because they are too busy with the struggles that they are experiencing in life.

As such, when struggling, it is important to look at the bright side and appreciate what you have right now. That’s because failing to appreciate the here and now will only lead to regret in the future. And you will only realize what you had lost once it is already gone.

People are born to be dreamers in the sense that we all have goals we want to achieve in life. The thing about dreaming is that these goals can end up making us feel alive or can even kill us in the end. And that’s all part of the struggles of dreaming and being human.

But if you simply live because you exist, that isn’t really what we call living. There are plenty of things that we can live for in life despite the struggles that may come with them. But if you are simply living for the sake of living, that is a notion that you should try to overcome. Living is not merely existing.

There are plenty of different obstacles and challenges along the way of a journey, and all of those serve as struggles that people need to be able to overcome if they want to achieve what they want in life. That is the importance of what it means to persevere and to be resilient no matter how difficult life can get.

Life can be pretty harsh at times because of the different challenges it tends to throw. But no matter how difficult and harsh life can get, the important part is to always keep walking and continuing your journey towards your goals and ambitions. Life’s journey will always continue no matter what may be in front.

One of the most important aspects of being alive and pushing towards a goal is the fact that there are different times of people with different types of dreams that you will encounter along the way. Some of these people have subtle dreams that they achieve in solitude, while others have dreams that tend to affect other dreams for better or worse.

But the important part about having a dream is having that dream because people live and die by their goals in life. No matter how hard the struggle is, it is important to keep on dreaming because abandoning one’s dream is simply similar to dying because it is a person’s dream that keeps them going.

In life, there are different things that we receive along the way from other people who we meet down the road when we are struggling. But it is important to take note that whatever people give us in our times of struggle is not our own but was merely granted to us because that person was kind enough to give us something they have.

This is where entitlement comes in when people tend to struggle. In times of struggle, there are those who feel like they are entitled to what other people have. But the reality is that what people give them is something that these people own and is not something that you are entitled to.

When you want to achieve a goal, it isn’t unusual for you to stumble upon a dark place that may make it seem like life is too difficult for you to live. And there are plenty of people who stopped dreaming after stumbling upon a dark place that made them struggle mightily.

But there are times when that goal you want to achieve is just merely there waiting for you right at the end of that place. That is where your metaphorical Eden lies. And the only thing you need to do is to keep on going so that you can get to your paradise.

Yes, life can be difficult because there are a lot of different problems that will make us struggle along the way while we are trying to achieve our goals. But that doesn’t mean that you should do the unthinkable by sinking down to the level of a monster just because you want to fight life’s monsters.

No matter how difficult life can get, you should never lose yourself in the moment. There will be tough battles that will feel like monsters, but it is important that you don’t become a monster yourself just so you can win those battles. You need to keep your hands firmly grasped on your morals and beliefs no matter how difficult your struggles may be.

Life is going to be very difficult to live, especially if you are trying to achieve a goal that may seem unattainable. There are going to be challenges and roadblocks that will make it difficult for you to keep on going. And that is where you might want to do whatever it takes to get through a rough patch in life.

Without losing yourself along the way, you may need to be rugged enough to win one of life’s battles. If you try to scratch, claw, or bite yourself through a difficult patch in life, there is a good chance that you will change something for the better. And that’s what it means to be scrappy in life.

10 Best Berserk Quotes About Life

10 Best Berserk Quotes About Power

10 Best Berserk Quotes About Struggle

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