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A Destroyed Asgard Is Rebuilt in Honor of a Surprising Fallen ‘Hero,’ [SPOILER]

An unlikely Asgardian trickster commits a surprisingly noble act, allowing for the rebirth of the home of the gods in Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #2.

The following contains major spoilers for Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #2, available now from Marvel.

The latest issue of Spider-Man 2099: Exodus reveals that the God of Mischief, Loki, finally met his true end yet sowed the seeds for a new Asgard in his last moments.

The tale of Loki’s demise is relayed to Miguel O’Hara, the Spider-Man of the 2099 universe, by Valkyrie. She explains that Loki had taken on a nomadic role as the last living Asgardian by wandering through the wastelands. When the God of Mischief encountered Valkyrie, the pair decided to venture to the remains of Asgard to destroy the giant purple wyrm that had ravaged it years ago.

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In the ensuing combat, Loki unleashed the full extent of his powers and slew the serpent, but also suffered extreme wounds due to Mysterium, a poisonous anti-magic compound woven into the dragon’s flesh. Before dying, Loki bequeathed to Valkyrie a jar full of his blood mixed with cells from a Celestial, telling her to gather together the outcasts of the world and imbue them with his powers, effectively creating a new Asgardian society.

“An Asgard for his kind, the forsaken and misjudged,” Valkyrie explains to Spider-Man. “All he was waiting for was someone to build it. Blended with Celestial cells, Loki’s blood became godhood in a jar. A reprieve from mortal rigors for those who suffer them the most… In Loki’s Asgard, all outcasts are welcome. These are the New Asgardians. Drawn not from above, but below.”

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In creating a city for the marginalized and passing on his godly abilities, Loki effectively leaves his legacy on the world. The God of Mischief’s act is also reminiscent of the origins of the Norse gods in the 2099 universe, who were originally created via the Alchemax corporation’s Aesir program. Designed to replicate the Norse pantheon via science and technology, Alchemax’s deities were normal humans mutated through genetic experimentation, and the Valkyrie featured in Spider-Man 2099: Exodus is one of these artificially created beings.

Aside from Loki and Valkyrie, Spider-Man 2099: Exodus features cameos by the Winter Soldier and Ghost Rider of the 2099 universe, both of whom come to Miguel’s aid as he seeks to dismantle the mysterious criminal organization known as the Cabal. Issue #3 will see Spider-Man team up with a group calling itself the New Avengers, led by Moon Knight.

Written by Steve Orlando and illustrated by Marco Castiello with colors by Antonio Fabela and letters by Joe Caramagna, Issue #2 of the series is on sale now from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

Jeremy Blum is an Associate News Writer at CBR. A longtime fan of comic books ever since he was three years old (back when he could only look at the pictures and imagine what was happening in the word balloons), Jeremy has worked as a journalist in both the US and Hong Kong. He also writes about video and tabletop games. Follow him on Twitter @blummer102 or @PixelGrotto, and check out his gaming blog.

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