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A Jurassic Park III Deleted Scene Remixed the Ending of the First Film

Jurassic Park III had an abrupt ending to the dinosaur chaos, but a deleted scene tied up loose ends and remixed the original’s ending.

Jurassic Park III was one of the most unique entries in the franchise, as its main plot points had nothing to do with a larger focus on saving dinosaurs or corporate greed. Instead, it was a tale about survival and people who had no business being on an island restricted by the Costa Rican government. That said, it offered great moments in expanding the lore thanks to the villainous dinosaur, the Spinosaurus, and new behavioral changes to the Velociraptors, but one deleted scene could’ve tied both of these factors together in an ending that remixed the conclusion from the first film.

In the conclusion of Jurassic Park, the survivors were cornered by a pack of Velociraptors before the T-Rex came and took them on. While the raptors managed to get a few hits in, the victory ultimately went to the Rex, who roared in triumph. In Jurassic Park III, that moment would’ve seen the raptors as heroes in a scene that expanded on the boat attack that made it into the film’s final cut and would’ve tied the movie’s conclusion together more naturally.

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In the film, Dr. Grant and the Kirbys reunited with their lost son, Eric, and made their way to the coast on a boat they found. As a storm started to rage, the Spinosaurus attacked them and destroyed their boat. Thankfully, Dr. Grant was able to fire a flair at the gas from the boat and ignite the surface, burning the Spino and sending it running. Not long after, they were cornered by a pack of raptors until they returned the eggs that one of the survivors, Billy, had stolen. From there, they reached the coast and were rescued by the military. The deleted scene would have helped to connect the raptors and Spinosaurus in a battle that would’ve shown the largest collection of raptors in the franchise.

The deleted scene used the boat attack and the crane scene that followed to place Paul Kirby in an even worse situation than he had in the film, but when Dr. Grant had a moment to think, he remembered his Velociraptor resonating chamber, which he could use to communicate with the animals. Using it, he signaled for the raptors to come and labeled the Spinosaurus as an egg thief. This caused a pack of at least two dozen raptors to swarm the larger carnivore. This allowed Paul to escape to safety, and the Spinosaurus, who managed to kill a large amount of them, eventually died from the attack.

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Had the scene stayed, it would’ve explained why some raptors cornered the survivors at the end of the film. This would’ve also explained how Dr. Grant could use the resonating chamber with more skill even though that was the first time he had tried using it.

Jurassic Park III wasn’t a perfect film, but it helped push the franchise into a more action-packed arena, making Jurassic World an even more perfected version of that idea. Had the deleted scene stayed, it would’ve definitely contributed to its action film direction, made sense of the finale and perfectly paralleled and redefined the original’s ending. But in the end, what was delivered was thankfully still serviceable to the overall story and showed the cleverness of the raptors and the humans.

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