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All 12 Frog Pokémon Ranked (Including Toads)

As Professor Oak once said, the world of Pokémon is full of amazing creatures. Throughout the eight generations, players and fans have been introduced to a variety of different creatures, each of them resembling different animals, objects, or some other, more abstract, concepts. In this article, we are going to remain in the animal kingdom, as we bring you a list of all the frog-like Pokémon in the franchise.

We are going to rank these Pokémon based on their PokéDex numbers and provide you with some basic information on each of them, including their moves, abilities, and weaknesses. We’re also going to answer some additional questions about each of the Pokémon. Let us begin!

Poliwag is based on a tadpole. It looks like an incomplete tadpole, that is, it only has legs and a tail. In addition, it has a drawing on the belly in the form of a spiral. It has a small mouth in proportion to the body. Poliwag has just acquired his legs, so he is a bit clumsy when walking with them and unable to run.

For this reason, it prefers swimming to moving on land. Despite this, trainers are advised to have you practice walking a little each day. It has an extraordinary skin, fine and moist, which reveals the viscera that it has arranged in a spiral. This skin in turn has the advantage of being flexible and rebounding any attack aimed at its stomach.

The direction of the spiral in the belly changes according to its region of origin and when it turns white, it means that Poliwag is sick. Poliwag lives in calm rivers and lakes and despite the danger, likes to go out on dry land. However, it quickly returns to the water when an enemy approaches. In whitewater rivers, it uses its thick lips as a sucker to cling to rocks to avoid being swept away by the current.


Poliwhirl can stay out of water for a month and sweats to stay moist. He can use fighting attacks, but because his muscles are not yet developed to fight, he prefers to use water-type attacks that he launches from the center of his spiral.

When Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, the spiral on his belly changes direction and his tail and mouth disappear. Even so, it has the ability to produce sounds. It lives mainly near water, and has a preference for fresh rather than salty.


When Poliwhirl evolves into Poliwrath, his countenance completely changes, gaining the fighting subtype, which makes him much more intimidating. It is a Pokémon that is characterized by its high physical performance, being able to swim seas back and forth without exhausting itself. He is the perfect fighter, as a martial arts practitioner must train hard to hone his skills.

In addition to possessing extremely developed muscles for striking, he also possesses steel-hard skin that allows him to withstand a large number of attacks. Despite his corpulent appearance, he is an excellent swimmer, being able to move in the most violent storms.

This Pokémon lives mainly in rivers or waterfalls, exercising in large rapids to strengthen its muscles. Some say that the Poliwrath swim against the current and thus grow stronger. They are also seen less frequently on beaches, but it is not very common.


Politoed is based on a tree frog, specifically a Japanese tree frog. His body is green, with a strange tuft of blue hair on his head and pink cheeks. Like its pre-evolutions, it has a spiral pattern on its belly, although this time it is a drawing on the skin and not the intestines visible through the transparent skin.

Politoed appears on the banks of the ponds at nightfall. It claims its territory by croaking loudly. When preparing to croak, its crop swells and emits a loud bellow. If Poliwag and Poliwhirl are nearby at the time, they will respond and gather wherever they are. The males emit very powerful cries and the females have a predilection for those with a deep and imposing voice.

They gather under the moonlight to sing in chorus, though it is not the prettiest of melodies, for they are discordant and seem to be angry. However, an author was inspired by them to compose a beautiful ballad. Politoed’s curly blue lock confirms his kingship. They say that the more he grows and curls, the more respect he receives from his subjects and the more Poliwag and Poliwhirl will submit to his rule.


Croagunk is based on an Amazon poison dart frog, specifically the blue dart frog. It normally lives in humid swamps, it communicates by expanding the mouth sacs of its cheeks. These sacs store a powerful poison and you can use it through your fingers, with which they communicate.

Interestingly, unlike almost all other Pokémon, Croagunk once caught develops a completely opposite personality from that of its trainer. If his trainer is presumptuous he will be modest and calm, if his trainer is cold-tempered he will be cheerful and sociable.


This ghoulish-looking Pokémon lives in bogs, swamps, and wetlands. When it feels in danger, it inflates the sac in its throat and emits a growl resembling a grim laugh. It can transmit its powerful poison through its skin and the spikes on its hands, which belonged to Croagunk, have now grown and protrude magnificently.

This Pokémon does not like pure and fresh water due to its composition, it prefers putrid environments where it can better develop the toxins from the bag in its throat. It is said that it is because it needs an environment with mud and dirt to produce a component of its lethal poison.

Its venom is considered one of the strongest in the world. It hates sweet things, it is a serious Pokémon that does not show any type of feelings, it has a calm temperament but if it gets angry it will respond furiously.


Tympole is based on a tadpole: his head is round, he has oval eyes and his eyebrows are shaped like a tadpole, his ears look like plugs or headphones, his tail is very similar to Poliwag’s and he likes to live in muddy waters. His body takes on a circular shape and no limbs can be seen on it.

Curiously, when they are outdoors, they sing and jump as in choreography, perhaps because they know movements such as canon, echo voice, and loud voice; he usually attacks in groups. Thanks to the sharp sound emitted by its cheeks, a Tympole can warn its companions when they are in the presence of a dangerous situation, this sound can even be heard by humans.

But when it comes to an alert, this sound is imperceptible to all Pokémon species other than Tympole and humans.


It is based on a tadpole in full metamorphosis. The bumps on its head can vibrate and produce earthquakes and waves. They have long, slimy tongues to catch their prey. It can live both in water and on land. It shares the same morph characteristics as Poliwag and its evolutions, just as it shares the same attacks and characteristics as its type.

These Pokémon usually hunt for their food, especially small Pokémon that live in the water like Basculin, and Tynamo, among others. When they go out on land they usually hunt Pokémon like Venipede. They are rarely seen feeding on plants, which automatically makes them omnivorous creatures.

Due to their combination of types (Water / Ground) they are very resistant against electric-type Pokémon, but doubly vulnerable to grass-type Pokémon. Although the fire-type Pokémon do not have a chance, so it would be a nightmare for them to meet a Palpitoad. These resistances and weaknesses help this Pokémon a lot in the wild but when in training they soften and become less efficient.


It is based on a toad. It is quite similar to marine toads (Bufonidae) but its body is covered with large, round “lumps” through which it secretes poison, like the toads of the genus Bombina bombina (fire-bellied toads). In addition, like these toads, it communicates by croaking through body vibrations and has a stocky appearance. The shiny form of this Pokémon has the color of said toads.

It is the evolved form of Palpitoad and its evolutionary family represents the metamorphosis of the anurans. When his bulges vibrate his attacks bend and he can even split a stone. The nerves of the bundles release a poisonous liquid that paralyzes. This Pokémon loves to live in muddy waters, swamps, drains, and some lakes, though its short legs and fatness prevent it from being a good swimmer. It feeds on insects and some fish.


Froakie is based on a coquí frog, which hatches from an egg as a fully grown frog. Froakie has a light blue body with a dark blue stripe between his yellow eyes and black pupils. He has a kind of white foam on his nose and it also surrounds his neck and reaches his back. He has a white coloration on his hands that resemble gloves.

Bubbles on his chest and back protect him from enemy attacks. Froakie is as light as he is strong and can jump very high. Sometimes it seems that he is always distracted, but in reality, he watches everything around him very carefully. As he evolves, he loses those wide fingers and paws to be more agile. His back and neck are full of foamy bubbles that can grow to cover his entire face, especially when he feels well.


Frogadier is based on a frog and a ninja. Frogadier improves its jumping ability considerably as it evolves, helping it boldly bounce and giving it a crucial advantage against Grass-type Pokémon. Surprise your enemies with your wonderful jumps to the roofs of houses or trees and attack them unawares.

A Frogadier maneuver consists of overwhelming his enemies with rocks encased in bubbles. It is said that it is able to see him walk on top of the water if he concentrates a lot, thanks to his thin membranes. The dark tones of their skin are to better capture heat.


Greninja is based on the traits of a ninja and a frog. Greninja is a very fast Pokémon, so it can appear and disappear unexpectedly. In combat, he makes the opponent dizzy with his superb agility and then attacks the enemy by compressing the water to create shuriken that, when rotated, can cut materials as hard as metal. His tongue is very long, he uses it around his neck like a scarf, covering his mouth and nose, thus resembling a ninja that covers his face.

As of the seventh generation, a special Greninja can use the affective metamorphosis with which it transforms into Ash-Greninja thanks to the fact that Ash and this Pokémon are very close. The effective metamorphosis causes Greninja to accumulate great power and change form. It is believed that there was only one other case in the past, hundreds of years ago.

Ash Greninja’s strength is far superior to that of a normal Greninja, which allows him to move at great speed, surprising his opponents. He uses the large water shuriken on his back against his opponents. When this happens, Greninja changes into his Ash forme. At the end of the fight, Ash-Greninja returns to its original form.














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