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All 8 Rabbit Pokémon: The Ultimate List

When talking about Pokémon there are a lot of categories and many of those are influenced by real-life animals. Such are the Pokémon on this list. If you ever wondered, here is a list of all bunny Pokémon!

There are 8 Rabbit Pokémon in total, although only five of them are actually categorized as such, while the other three just look like rabbits. They are: Azumarill, Buneary, Lopunny, Bunnelby, Diggersby, Scorbunny, Raboot, and Cinderace.

Our ultimate list of Rabbit Pokémon is going to show you all the Rabbit Pokémon – as per the official categorization – and all the Pokémon that look like rabbits, despite being otherwise categorized. There are eight such Pokémon in Total and we are going to give you the basic information on each of them.

Unlike types, Pokémon categories are a tad more difficult to determine because they are based on the predominant biological characteristics of a Pokémon, which is a pretty arbitrary thing if you look at all the different PokéDex entries. For example, Charizard, who is quite obviously a dragon, is categorized as a “Flame Pokémon” (whatever that is), while Horsea, who looks like a seahorse, is categorized as a “Dragon Pokémon”, although its biology has absolutely nothing to do with that of a dragon.

In light of these facts, we have to state that the PokéDex really does recognize “Rabbit Pokémon” (and one “Water Rabbit Pokémon”), but this categorization has not been applied with consistency. This is why our list is going to include all of the Pokémon categorized as “Rabbit Pokémon”, as well as those that are obviously rabbits, but are otherwise categorized in the PokéDex.

At this point, we can present our ultimate guide to the eight Rabbit Pokémon from the franchise, as of Generation VIII. Here they are:

Azumarill is a dual Water/Fairy-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation II. It was initially just a Water-type Pokémon, but when the Fairy type was introduced, its initial label was edited. It occupies #184 in the PokéDex. Azumarill is the highest evolution form of Azurill and evolved from Marill starting with level 18.

Buneary is a Normal-type Pokémon first introduced in Generation IV. It occupies #427 in the PokéDex. Buneary was the first pure Rabbit Pokémon introduced to the franchise. Buneary evolves into Lopunny when leveled up with a high friendship between Buneary and its trainer.

Lupunny is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation IV, as the evolution of Buneary. It occupies #428 in the PokéDex. Lopunny is the only evolution of Buneary, who evolves when leveled up with a high enough level of friendship. Lopunny also has a Mega form which can be unlocked with a Lopunnite.

Bunnelby is a Normal-type Pokémon first introduced in Generation VI, occupying #659 in the PokéDex. Bunnelby is a small rabbit-like Pokémon but is not categorised as one, due to its ears being used for digging, which is why it is categorised as a Digging Pokémon. Bunnelby has one evolution, Diggersby, which it can reach starting at level 20.

Diggersby is a dual Normal/Ground-type Pokémon first introduced in Generation VI. Diggersby is a Digging Pokémon who uses its long ears for digging, which is why it is not categorised as a Rabbit Pokémon, despite being a rabbit. Diggersby is the only evolution of Bunnely, from which it evolves starting at level 20.

Scorbunny is a Fire-type Pokémon that debuted in Generation VIII as the Fire-type starter Pokémon of that Generation; it occupies #813 in the PokéDex. It is categorized as a Rabbit Pokémon because of its appearance. Like all starters, Scorbunny has two further evolutions – Raboot (at level 16) and Cinderace (at level 35).

Raboot is a Fire-type Pokémon that had its debut in Generation VIII. It occupies #814 in the PokéDex. This Rabbit Pokémon is actually the first evolution of Scorbunny, one of the three Generation VIII starter Pokémon. Scorbunny evolves into Raboot starting at level 16, and Raboot in turn evolves into Cinderace starting at level 35.

Cinderace is a pure Fire-type Pokémon that was first introduced in Generation VIII; it occupies #815 in the PokéDex. Cinderace is the final evolution form of Scorbunny, the Fire-type starter Pokémon from Generation VIII. Scorbunny evolves into Raboot starting at level 16 and Raboot evolves into Cinderace starting at level 35. Cinderace also has a Gigantamax form that was introduced sometime after its debut.

Before we close this list, we are going to give you a brief overview of the stats for each Rabbit Pokémon in the franchise:

And that’s it for this article. We hope you had fun reading about Rabbit Pokémon and that you have learned everything about them!

What are Rabbit Pokémon?

All Rabbit Pokémon in the franchise

1. Azumarill

2. Buneary

3. Lopunny

4. Bunnelby

5. Diggersby

6. Scorbunny

7. Raboot

8. Cinderace

Rabbit Pokémon stats

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