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All Rise Season 3, Episode 3, “Give It Time,” Recap & Spoilers

All Rise answers its election question with a sneaky Mark and a heartbroken Lola, while Emily’s case is a disaster. Here’s a spoiler-filled recap.

The following contains spoilers for All Rise Season 3, Episode 3, “Give It Time,” which premiered Tuesday, June 21, on OWN.

The first two episodes of All Rise Season 3 have been a roller-coaster ride. The Season 3 premiere gave Luke Watkins, Sara Castillo, Emily Lopez and Judge Lisa Benner new jobs, while the season’s second episode revealed that Judge Lola Carmichael might lose hers after Sherri Kansky made a huge blunder during Lola’s re-election campaign. Meanwhile, Mark Callan doesn’t want a promotion and can’t get a wedding date, Amy Quinn is near-singlehandedly running a law firm and Vanessa “Ness” Johnson just found out she failed the Bar exam. These people suddenly can’t catch a break.

“Give It Time” seems like it wants to change that. The episode opens with Lola and Robin (now played by Christian Keyes) trying to enjoy a quiet morning while Lola is still bothered by the election issue and how it’s damaged her friendship with Sherri. The problem also extends to Mark, who’s afraid to pick up the phone because the unit investigating the election is part of the District Attorney’s Office. Amy tells him to chill; besides, she has her own concern. After everyone found out about her exam results, Ness has gone MIA. Which is not as weird as Sara’s new roommate being a magician. Is this going to be another week where no one really knows about anything, or might he be able to make some drama disappear?

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Luke offers to let Emily move in with him until she can find her own place, leading to another awkward moment between the two clearly not-totally-exes. He congratulates her for joining “the biggest pro bono law firm in the world” before saying he’s getting a new second chair in a woman named Olivia, who’s going to help him defend a guy who stole a literal lab rat. “Every case is important,” Emily tells him before meeting her client Charlotte, who might have thrown boiling water on her landlord. The client’s only witnesses are her kids, whom she doesn’t have custody of thanks to the criminal charges.

While Sherri suggests she and Lola “link up” their statements to the Public Integrity Unit, Mark finally makes it to work and finds his office cluttered with more unnecessary gifts from people still angling for Choi’s former job. He assigns Kiara Foster (that’s Major Crimes alum Kearran Giovanni, returning for the first time since Season 2, Episode 9, “Safe to Fall”) to oppose Emily. When she points out that he is technically her boss, Mark uses that power to find out who approved the election investigation. The answer? The District Attorney himself, Louis Bravo, who also wants Mark to look into an LAPD task force since Mark now has a reputation for going toe-to-toe with the police.

“If I didn’t approve it, someone else would have,” is Bravo’s totally not convincing argument when Mark confronts him, and Mark pushes him too far by suggesting that this might be retaliatory for the events of Season 2. Bravo warns that Mark will end his own career if he uses DA’s Office resources to touch the election probe, but Mark tells him he’ll find out the truth anyway, because Mark is also delightfully obsessive. He even gives Bravo the metaphorical middle finger by dropping the LAPD file on his way out.

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All Rise briefly cuts to Luke regretting his latest job choice before revealing that Sherri wants to resign in order to spare Lola any potential consequences. While Lola is stunned, the victim in Emily’s case sobs about her injuries to Sara and Kiara before Kiara offers Emily a plea deal. While she’s willing to agree to a lesser charge, she’s not comfortable with Charlotte staying in a recovery center because there’s no data to support that there’s any actual recovery taking place. Emily’s finding out that holistic law isn’t quite so easy to practice in a criminal law world.

Mark pays a visit to the Public Integrity Unit under the guise of still looking for Choi’s replacement, which convinces one of the lawyers to hand him a file that he does not like the look of. Mark calls Robin to “look into something for me, and you cannot tell Lola.” Emily also gets frustrated when she finds out Charlotte isn’t a U.S. citizen, and Sherri overhears David Sanders telling Lola that Sherri should be fired. She goes off to brood only for Sara to come in and save the day, because All Rise Season 3 has deprived viewers of Sara & Sherri goodness. Sara tells an emotional Sherri not to devalue herself, gives her a hug, and takes her home. Are these two not friend goals?

But there are bigger problems on the horizon. Mark tells Amy that the file he read informed him that $500,000 was transferred from Lola’s campaign account to another, unknown account — and Sherri was in charge of the funds. The two shut up about it… because Robin and Lola are dropping off Bailey for the night. But after Bailey eats too much, a panicked Mark and Robin engage in a text chain that spoils everyone’s evening. This also gives All Rise an excuse to put Mark and Robin alone in a room so Robin can give Mark the details on that mysterious account transfer.

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Oh, yeah, Luke still has a rat trial going on. His Hail Mary defense is to bring in the two-headed animal, which disgusts everybody in the courtroom and freaks out Clayton Berger so much that he dismisses all charges on the spot. It’s the end to a half-cocked plotline but let’s face it, everyone is more concerned about the election story anyway. Mark returns to Bravo’s office and admits he was wrong now that he has all the facts. He also hands his boss a file from the Department of Justice that Bravo gives to the attorneys questioning Lola; Mark gives her a little nod as he and his boss walk away.

The DOJ file proves someone other than Sherri made that wire transfer. There’s still going to be an investigation, but now it’s focused on David, who admits while being chewed out by Lola that he took the money. Lola fires him before going to a hearing for Emily’s case. Emily has found threatening texts from the landlord, so Lola warns Kiara that Emily’s going to get the result she wants whether or not the case goes to trial. When she comes back, Sherri presents her with a transfer request, because she feels that Lola didn’t show her enough support.

All Rise concludes with Luke realizing that dishing on his ex-colleagues is the way to get ahead at the Public Defender’s Office, while Mark admits the failed babysitting night was his attempt to show Amy he can be “a family man.” She responds by admitting that she’s not there yet, but that doesn’t bother him at all. All the guy wants is a wedding. But just in case you thought things were looking up, the last bit of the episode is Emily and Charlotte watching Charlotte’s kids be taken away — because Charlotte also forgot to mention the landlord had filed a separate Child Protective Services case against her. An overwhelmed Emily flees to Sara’s house while an equally upset Lola tells Robin that Sherri wants to leave.

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“Give It Time” effectively wraps up the election storyline, though not in a surprising way (did anyone ever like David Sanders?). However, the real issue is how the characters are drifting away from each other, highlighted by how the episode brings back some of the bonds that made All Rise so special. The Sara/Sherri scene is a moment that will get fans as choked up as Sherri, and even the brief look that Mark and Lola exchange speaks volumes about their friendship. Even if the antagonistic verbal tennis between Mark and Bravo is developing into a fun dynamic that Choi might’ve been proud of, the series can’t keep apart its Justice League of legal professionals.

Nothing on this show is stable anymore, and fans are seeing the effects. If All Rise had been intending on staying the course, it would have processed its cliffhangers in the first episode or two and then settled down like any other series. The fact that it’s continuing to introduce character-changing bombshells even in episode three shows that Season 3 is going to be a different animal than either Seasons 1 or 2. It’s more dramatic, it’s more intense and it may not have the same positive outlook that viewers are used to. But the characters and the cast are hitting all these curveballs out of the park, so it’s worth staying on the ride just to see where it takes them. If they had an uphill battle before, now it really is them against the world.

All Rise airs Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. on OWN.

Brittany Frederick has been a professional journalist in TV, film and theatre for over 20 years. Her one goal is to interview Jonathan Groff, but she’s sung with Adam Levine and gone 200 MPH with Mario Andretti while appearing in Variety,, CNN and NBC. Email her at, visit, and follow her on Twitter @tvbrittanyf.

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