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American Arcadia Is The Truman Show Gone Deadly

A reality show where if your ratings drop, so do you. American Arcadia is The Truman Show with horrific consequences, and fans are living for it.

During the 2022 Summer Game Fest, it was revealed that American Arcadia is coming soon to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Windows platforms. Out of the Blue Games, the creators of Call of the Sea, a successful adventure game released in late 2020, also developed this tantalizing tale. While no release date has been set in stone, gamers are already excited to play this indie title, and rightfully so.

In the iconic movie The Truman Show, an average Joe is thrown into a simulated world in which he has no idea he plays the lead character in a twisted reality show following his life. American Arcadia mirrors this, as players begin the 2.5D platformer in a massive 70s retro city, unknowingly being watched by people worldwide. In fact, none of the city’s residents know that they are on a TV show — one that comes with dire consequences if it isn’t successful.

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Players live what seems like a normal and comfortable life, but very quickly, it becomes apparent that the game has only one objective: to escape with their lives. Trevor Hills, the game’s main protagonist, is on the run from the constant surveillance, leading to several panic-stricken scenarios. This includes one scene where, to evade police, Trevor vaults off an extremely high diving platform, careening into a pool below. But why are players on the run? Well, their social status has been lost, meaning their ratings are not doing so hot, and as mentioned before, low ratings indicate a gruesome end.

According to the Steam page, the game will present itself as a documentary in which players progress through stages such as police interrogations and interviews. If the ratings of this reality show, which players are completely unaware of, begin plummeting, players will face cancellation. Basically, players will be hunted down and killed like animals.

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The game contains a mix of platforming action, complex puzzles, and stealthy tactics that players must utilize to escape. What was once their cozy home has quickly become a death trap, forcing players to think on their feet to survive. The city is teeming with armed guards and deadly drones that watch Trevor’s every move and whose only mission is to take him out with brutal force. Further, the game features a neat mechanic where gamers also play as someone trying to help the main protagonist escape on the other side. This is where the hacking skills and puzzles come into play and take on a critical role in the game.

Clearly, the game draws inspiration from the movie The Truman Show, and while not much has been released, the trailer shows off several intriguing aspects of the game. With death-defying stunts to evade detection, armed guards on high alert, and 24/7 surveillance, players have no choice but to face their potential fate head-on.

Samantha is an avid gamer who believes gaming can save the soul. PC is her niche, but consoles are still where it’s at! Her favorite game to play growing up was Zelda on n64.

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