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Anger Foot Is an Action Game for Hotline Miami Fans

Full of tense action, an absolute banging soundtrack, and style to spare, Anger Foot is an upcoming shooter made for Hotline Miami fans.

When it comes to the modern indie gaming sphere, few releases in the past decade have been as influential as Hotline Miami. Developed by only two people, and published by indie darling Devolver Digital, this top-down action game, with a surreal narrative, lightning-fast combat and an absolutely incredible soundtrack has become iconic. Its influence continues to be felt even today, with countless spiritual successors taking a bit of the Hotline Miami magic and evolving it into a new experience, and that’s just what the upcoming shooter Anger Foot does.

Developed by Free Lives and also published by Devolver, Anger Foot is a first-person game that takes on the brutal action and difficulty of Hotline Miami and mixes it with perhaps the most powerful kick in all of video game history. On top of this, Anger Foot combines a colorful and humorous setting with a great soundtrack to deliver a unique homage to Hotline Miami that delivers a great mix of old and new.

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Anger Foot puts players into the green-skinned body of a balaclava-clad protagonist (fittingly known as Anger Foot), who has only one goal — to quite literally put his boot to the myriad of anthropomorphic criminals that inhabit his city after they steal his favorite pair of sneakers. Players will do this by running through levels as fast as possible, gunning down and stomping the game’s enemies into oblivion through buttery smooth combat that is as quick as it is satisfying. However, unlike other fast-paced retro-style shooters that have flooded the indie market in the past few years, Anger Foot has one unique trick up its sleeve or pant leg: its incredibly powerful kick attack.

Much like the old-school-style shooters of the ’90s, Anger Foot features a kick attack as one of its main melee choices. However, although it may animate and look like Duke Nukem‘s boot attack, this kick is beyond deadly. Anger Foot revolves its combat around this attack, and players are able to not only annihilate enemies with one well-placed foot but can also kick doors right off their hinges. In many ways, the gameplay feels just like Hotline Miami‘s familiar gameplay loop, where players burst into a room and kill everything moving as fast as possible, but brilliantly translated into a first-person perspective. Levels are short and filled with action, making each combat encounter a tense exercise in reflexes.

However, although players could probably get through all of Anger Foot using this powerful kick alone, the protagonist’s foot is far from the only available weapon. The game features a solid mix of first-person shooter staples including a pump-action shotgun, pistol and submachine gun that all serve to perforate the dastardly denizens of the city’s slums with extreme effectiveness. Anger Foot leans into its fluid combat encounters, where players can shoot one enemy, kick another, toss an empty pistol into the face of a third and finish off the encounter by launching an explosive barrel into the the rest of the group with one well-aimed boot. The combat encourages and requires a flow state of destruction, and when players can pull off a seamless bit of carnage, it delivers a feeling of pure exhilaration.

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Anger Foot isn’t just thrilling to play, but is an absolute feast for the senses as well. Its unique and colorful, but grungy art style features alligator gangsters (suspiciously clad in the same attire as Hotline Miami‘s protagonist), hooded punks and pipe-wielding thugs all inside of its stylish and detailed levels. On top of it all, the game features a pounding soundtrack that pushes players along, encouraging fast movement and the ballet of bullet fire that is required to succeed.

Although it may be heavily inspired by Hotline Miami, Anger Foot creates a new experience through its many unique elements blending together into a fresh feeling action treat that is as furious as it is fun. For fans of fast-paced action, a humorous tone and a whole lot of style on the side, this shooter is absolutely worth checking out. Anger Foot doesn’t have a solid release date yet, but those who are interested can download a demo right now on Steam and experience just how angry a foot can truly be.

Lucas has been a lifelong fan of video games and when he’s not playing them he is most likely thinking about them. Originally from Cincinnati, he moved to cloudy England so he’d have another excuse to not go outside. If you want to follow his thoughts on games, music and the Cincinnati Bengals you can follow him @LucasBlaine.

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