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Anime Recommendations Based On Your Favorite 90s/00s Gateway Series

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If you enjoyed any of the series mentioned, you may also like our recommendations for newer anime you should check out.

It’s no secret that some of the best anime have come out over the last twenty years. While many older fans started by watching only what was broadcast on television, the medium has migrated to mobile apps and internet sites for more accessible streaming. If an older fan whose gateway anime was anything like Sailor Moon or Dragon Ball Z, they may not know what’s available now that they would like.

Those who started on anime in the 90s and 2000s can be a little lost when it comes to what’s airing now. Anime is far more accessible than it was during that era, and it may be daunting when looking through a seemingly endless catalog of choices. Depending on what anime really got someone into the genre, here are some things they’ll want to check out now.

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Fans of Sailor Moon may like a couple of different types of anime. For those who like the magical girl genre, Precure is a timeless choice. The franchise is one of the most prominent bishoujo anime series, and it’s relatively similar to Sailor Moon‘s structure, down to the villain of the week episode structure that fans may be able to connect with.

Those who liked Sailor Moon for the comedy would probably like Cute High Earth Defense Club. For anyone who likes the darker story lines and rich character drama, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is a great choice for those who are sick of the typical magical girl aspects and want something deeper.

Many people started watching Pokémon before school, playing the game on their Gameboy Color and connecting to the catchy battle themes. Those who grew to love the little creatures and the relationship between Ash and Pikachu will likely enjoy the following series.

Digimon Ghost Game is an anime that fans of the original Pokémon will enjoy. Yokai Watch is also another good anime if one enjoys seeing cutely designed side-kicks.

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For those who like high stakes card game based battles, these anime series are great follow-ups to the classic Yu Gi Oh! franchise. Cardfight Vanguard or Shadowverse can offer the viewer a fun watch if they particularly like card game anime.

They are both great at explaining how the duels or fights play out and exactly what can turn the game upside down for the other player.

Fans of Dragon Ball Z will love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with its many conflicts and major drama. Additionally, My Hero Academia is a great one to watch if someone likes keeping stats on the characters involved.

The Jojo family’s generational habit of embarking on bizarre adventures and subsequently battling a series of stylish foes will resonate with old-school Dragon Ball fans. Plus, for those who are fans of the more traditional shonen hero story will relate to Deku’s earnest attempts at heroism.

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Naruto fans will enjoy anime such as Demon Slayer or My Hero Academia. Throughout Demon Slayer, there are multiple obstacles preventing Tanjiro from getting to the big bad, Muzan. It’s a similar situation to that of Naruto when seeking out the head of the Ōtsutsuki and a story that’s just as gripping. Good news for fans of the original Naruto series is that Demon Slayer is filled with much less filler.

My Hero Academia will provide Naruto fans with plenty of characters to bond with. Just like almost everyone’s favorite in Naruto is hardly ever Naruto himself but someone who’s seen as a side character like Rock Lee.

Those who enjoy Hunter X Hunter will enjoy Sword Art Online or Ranking of Kings. Sword Art Online has an expansive world and one that revolves around being trapped in a video game. It’s similar to how Gon becomes trapped in one in the series and one that will be a treat to those who especially loved that arc.

Ranking of Kings is a wild card, but many fans who enjoy this show are not your typical anime fan. They range from all genres and the story is such a unique adventure that it would be hard not to like.

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For Bleach fans, Dororo and Jujutsu Kaisen come to mind. Dororo is an adventure anime that is unique in a way that makes it almost otherworldly. The mission for this anime is for the two protagonists, Hyakkimaru and the boy thief Dororo to search out demons that have Hyakkimaru’s body parts in their possession.

Jujutsu Kaisen follows Yuji Itadori, who eats a demon’s finger, fusing with Sukuna — a terrifying demon whose existence threatens the livelihood of mankind. Frequently trading places after making a deal with Sukuna to fight otherworldly creatures that are trying to cause chaos.

Fans of Yu-Yu Hakusho will enjoy anime such as Durarara!! and Blue Exorcist. Durarara!! is the story of a Dulahan, or headless entity who works as a courier in Ikebukuro while searching for her head. The series is structured with a non-linear, character driven story.

Blue Exorcist is about a boy who gains enormous powers whose been raised by a religious man. The twist is that he’s actually the devil’s child, and now he’s working to get strong enough to face his biological father head on.

Kamisama Kiss and Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits are great choices for anyone who loves Inuyasha. Kamisama Kiss features a high school girl who has a terrible home life, so much so that she ends up homeless. While living on a bench she meets a God who entrusts his position and shrine to her. There she meets Tomoe, a handsome fox familiar and their tumultuous relationship begins.

Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast is a light story of a girl who can see ayakashi, or spirits. She is transported to a world where she is unfamiliar, where she is to become the Ogre’s wife in order for her grandfather to pay off his debt.

Breana Ceballos is a pop culture journalist who loves writing about cartoons. She enjoys watching anime and raising two nerdy kids. Feel free to tweet me for personal anime recommendations!

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