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April 1st Odd Taxi Movie: In the Woods release date – not a joke

After an announcement at AnimeJapan 2022, the Odd Taxi Movie has finally been released in Japanese theaters. The date may have made some fans skeptical, but it’s confirmed to be no joke! Those who live in Japan can buy their ticket now to enjoy the latest entry in the Odd Taxi series. 

Many episodes of the Odd Taxi anime felt like a movie. Slow-burn and a great emphasis on character-building — each episode existed as a snapshot into the series world. A film format seems like a perfect fit, but fans will have to watch it and find out how the movie handles the material.

Before checking out the film, it’s up to the viewer whether or not they wish to watch the anime in its entirety. The Odd Taxi Movie: In the Woods does recap the material, but many plotlines will have had to be condensed to fit into the two hour and eight minute run time.

Hiroshi Odokawa — a walrus taxi driver caught up in the monotony of his job — always meets eccentric types who have no qualms ranting and raving to him about their lives and goals for the future. But after a case of a missing cat draws the police to his cab, Odokawa gets caught up in a mystery that reveals that his simple life is far from what he’s believed.

Without getting into any spoilers, some fans may be wondering if the film will focus on animal or human characters. As of now, it hasn’t been confirmed, but the promotional material does suggest that fans will get to see more of the animal characters they’ve grown to love.

Based on the trailers currently available, the entire cast will return in the film. The taxi-driver walrus Hiroshi Odokawa, the nurse alpaca Miho Shirakawa, the aspiring-idol poodle Rui Nikaidou, and so on — the announced cast list has confirmed many series staples. Seeing as the film also serves as a recap, it’s more likely that fans will see all of their favorites return.

For those who enjoy watching films in Japanese theaters, it’s recommended to pick up a MoviTicke card. Not only do purchasers gain points which can be used for further discounts, but the tickets often come with exclusive merch to support the film’s release. With a purchase of the Odd Taxi Movie: In the Woods MoviTicke card, fans get an A4-sized poster along with the card itself. Do note, however, that posters are only available while supplies last. Get yours while they’re still available!

Many theaters also have exclusive merchandise including t-shirts and mugs to further support the fandom. Fans will have to head to select theaters in-person to pick up the merch, but there’s still an option for international fans to get into the fun. The e-commerce site Buyee allows international shoppers to buy directly from Japanese auctions and marketplaces such as Ebay and Mercari.  

As for watching the film outside of Japan, no formal release date has been set. Based on the success and popularity of the Japanese release, it’s possible that a release onto platforms like Crunchyroll is coming in the future. Stay tuned for more information!

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