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Batman and Superman’s World’s Finest Choice May Doom the Future

Batman and Superman know how to defeat the Devil Nezha but they may not go all the way – something that could doom them in the future.

The following contains spoilers for Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #4, on sale now from DC Comics.

The new World’s Finest series has been a joyous trip into the past of the DC Universe, back when Dick Grayson was Robin and Batman and Superman were still the greatest crimefighting duo Earth had ever seen. In the series so far, they’ve been facing an ancient threat known as the Devil Nezha. As this is a flashback story, it’s clear that everything will turn out fine in the end and events will still unfold to create the DCU we all know today. However, the choices they make in the past here may doom the DCU in the days to come.

The end of Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #4 (by Mark Waid, Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain and Aditya Bidikar) revealed how the Dark Knight and the Man of Tomorrow can beat Nezha. Supergirl and Robin went on a trip to the past to learn how he was sealed away before, however, the answer they received wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

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Long ago, a prison was built that could hold Nezha. Unfortunately, they only way to seal the villain away is for someone to close the door from the inside. That would require one of the heroes present to make the ultimate sacrifice and give their lives to keep Nezha behind bars. The only thing is, none of them are going to do that.

The heroes present to learn this shocking news for Batman and Superman, along with Supergirl and the Doom Patrol. All of these heroes are alive and active in the present, so clearly none of them will seal themselves away with the Devil Nezha at the end of this story. Although it’s clear that the threat faced in World’s Finest will be thwarted, and they’ll all go about their lives, an upcoming comic could prove that what they do won’t be enough.

Robin has been teasing a demon plaguing the al Ghul family for some time now. It was confirmed during “Shadow War” that this demon was Nezha. Although its unclear what the connection between the World’s Finest villain and Damian Wayne’s family is, he’ll be returning to cause trouble soon in Batman vs. Robin, which is also written by Mark Waid with art by Mahmud Asrar and colors by Nathan Fairbarn.

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Thanks to what we’ve already learned about this upcoming series, we know that whatever Batman, Superman and the others do here won’t put an end to Nezha’s threat for good. If anything, it will give them a false sense of hope. The Devil Nezha stayed dormant for centuries before he broke free in this time, but apparently he’ll only stay imprisoned for a few short years on this occasion.

Based on the fact that none of these heroes will sacrifice themselves to keep Nezha locked away, it can be deduced that their choice here is the reason why Nezha will escape to be the villain of Batman vs. Robin. By refusing to go all the way, they’ll have ensured that their efforts were for naught and that Nezha will plague the future. This would be the perfect explanation and round out this story arc in a way that sets up the next big story. It also subverts expectations somewhat.

Readers are so used to heroes making the ultimate sacrifice for the greater good. Why not have them refuse to do it here and be forced to face the consequences years later? It could be a great opportunity for Damian Wayne to face the sins of his father in a way that is still fresh in readers’ minds. Something that could play well for both Batman and Robin.

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