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Boruto: One Amado Theory Was Disproved – but Another Could Revive Naruto’s Nastiest Villain

Chapter 70 of Boruto shut down an intriguing theory regarding Eida’s kin – but another one has risen that could revive Naruto’s nastiest villain.

The following contains spoilers for Chapter 70 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, “From the Bottom of My Heart,” by Masashi Kishimoto, Mikio Ikemoto, Mari Morimoto and Snir Aharon, now available in English from Viz Media.

Given how secretive Amado is in the Boruto series, one prevailing theory was that he is Eida’s father. It would have explained why he didn’t want to see her warped, robotic form return to battle. However, the manga eliminated that thanks to a key insight into her all-seeing Senrigan eye.

It was revealed she couldn’t entrance her kin, so seeing as she successfully messed with Amado’s mind, him being her father can be ruled out. However, with one theory shut down, another has risen — and it could revive one of Naruto‘s nastiest villains, making life a living hell once more for the Hidden Leaf.

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This Boruto theory posits that Amado is actually a servant for the snake ninja, Orochimaru. As Naruto fans will recall, he ran many twisted science experiments in the past, trying to perfect his own form and find the perfect ninja vessel. It led to him cloning, infiltrating the Akatsuki and also trying to make Itachi and Sasuke pawns due to their Uchiha bodies. This was all part of his mission to destroy Konoha and rule the shinobi world.

But while Orochimaru redeemed himself and helped in the Kaguya War, he’s still running secret projects in his lab. Log and Mitsuki are examples of the cloning taking place, which could tie into how Amado brought Koji Kashin back as a Jiraiya copy. With Jiraiya and Orochimaru growing up like brothers in the legendary Sannin, Orochimaru may have laid the foundation for Amado, as an apprentice, to recreate the ninja.

This would make Amado a new version of Kabuto, spying in on Kara and trying to co-opt it the same way Orochimaru wanted to take the Akatsuki. This would have allowed the snake ninja to see how Isshiki ran his group, garnering key data for Orochimaru’s work regarding new vessels such as Kawaki and Code. After all, Orochimaru would find their alien DNA and Isshiki’s Ōtsutsuki genetics perfect for making the ultimate shinobi. Thus, Amado as an inside man would have given him eyes and ears, while he worked in the shadows under the Hidden Leaf’s watch with an alibi.

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As for why Amado defected to Konoha, this could have been Orochimaru hedging his bets and wanting Amado to switch up and work with Naruto (who had Kurama’s power) and Sasuke (who had the Rinnegan) to see how powerful Kawaki could be. Given that Konoha had a Momoshiki-possessed Boruto too, it would have been fascinating for their studies. Amado also giving Kawaki a second Karma without anyone knowing is a red flag — Orochimaru loved secretly placing seals on teens, just to see how big a WMD they could be.

Simply put, Amado would be an organic extension of the snake ninja, reminding everyone that redemption is a fickle thing and that, ultimately, his obsession with twisted science won’t ever end. Only this time, Orochimaru might think he’s trying to make a hero, when he’s once more just playing god via a big experiment.

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