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Breath of the Wild Glitch Lets Players Start Game with Bow of Light

A YouTube channel has discovered a glitch in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that allows players to duplicate any item into a new save file.

One very dedicated gamer has found a glitch in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that is so game-changing it’s “busted as hell.”

Nintendo’s massive hit Breath of the Wild (BOTW) came out over five years ago, but apparently it still has secrets to reveal. As reported by Games Radar, YouTube channel Gaming Reinvented has discovered a game-changing glitch that allows players to transfer any item in the game to a new save file. This means a normally unprepared Link can begin his journey with powerful weapons like the Bow of Light already in his inventory. “It’s busted as hell,” said Gaming Reinvented, “and today, we’re going to explain how it all works.”

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The YouTuber spent several minutes explaining how to achieve the complicated glitch, which begins with firing shock arrows from a multi-shot bow before interrupting the shot by entering the inventory and dropping the bow. This process is repeated until “Link is invisible in the menu.” There are quite a few more intricate steps to follow, but the ultimate result is “between one and four glitched item slots” that contain “copies of the last few items in your inventory and will stick around until you close the game entirely.” At this point, the player can return to the main menu, start a new game, and the glitched items will be in their inventory, even something as powerful as Link’s Master Sword.

“To say this glitch is busted is the understatement of the year,” said Gaming Reinvented, adding, “Its two major functions — inventory slot transfer and slot duplication — are both major game-breakers in their own right.” The BOTW expert continued to explain how players can also use the glitch to duplicate items, gathering “infinite numbers of Gemstones, Ancient Cores or enough Spirit Orbs for an entire maxed out health bar in about 15 minutes. It’s pretty crazy, really!”

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The much-anticipated sequel to BOTW, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, was recently delayed by Nintendo and is now scheduled for a spring 2023 release. Producer Eiji Aonuma explained the reasons behind the delay, pointing to how “the expanded world goes beyond [the previous game] and there will be an even wider variety of features you can enjoy, including new encounters and new gameplay elements.” Aonuma also considered those fans upset by the delay, saying, “For those of you who have been looking forward to a release this year, we apologize.”

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Games Radar

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