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Bully Maguire vs Morbius’ Milo Dance-Off Is the Perfect Spider-Man Crossover

Spider-Man 3’s best meme, Bully Maguire, and Morbius’ main villain, Milo, find out who has the better moves in a one-on-one dance battle.

A dance battle between Milo and ‘Bully Maguire’ isn’t the Spider-Man versus Morbius that fans may have expected, but it’s the one they’ve been given.

YouTuber MλFDOMiNUS turned a solo dance scene from Morbius into a dance-off by adding Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker into the scene. Parker accepts the challenge from the newly vampirized Milo, and the two begin to groove to the combined tracks of a remixed “People Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul,” by James Brown and “Ekse,” by Off The Meds. However, it appears that Morbin’ time was over as the slick-haired Maguire kept his crown as the dancing king.

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Parker’s moves are taken from Spider-Man 3 of the original Spider-Man trilogy directed by Sam Raimi. In the film, Parker is exposed to an alien creature known as a symbiote that attaches itself to him. The symbiote makes him stronger, more confident and romantically successful, but it also makes him more prone to negative emotions such as anger and jealousy.

Dubbed ‘Bully Maguire,’ he becomes a mean, egotistical and vindictive version of Maguire’s Peter Parker. This ultimately leads to a montage of him walking the streets of New York while dancing, snapping and harassing strangers. The scene as gone on to become a hugely popular meme online, with fan edits adding him into clips of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Star Wars and Avengers: Endgame.

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Though this dark version of Parker has been criticized for appearing as he did in Spider-Man 3, Raimi defends the dorky persona of ‘Bully Maguire.’ Raimi has said, “It was Peter Parker’s version — this lame kid — of what it must be like to be his evil self. But he’s so whipped. He’s so out of it that that’s his take on it. And that didn’t go over well with the audience. But that’s what we were trying to do.”

The one challenging Spider-Man to this dance battle is Milo, Morbius’ adoptive brother. Possessing the same special blood disease as a young Michael Morbius, the two would become a family along with their caretaker and surrogate father, Dr. Emil Nicholas. Played by Matt Smith, the sickly man is cured of his disease by the same pseudo-vampirism that infected Jared Leto’s character. The dance scene — minus Maguire — shows Milo enjoying the perks of his new body as well as transforming into his vampiric form.

Morbius is available on Digital and in theaters now.

Source: YouTube

Bo Provencher is a writer for CBR. He’s extremely passionate about the fantasy genre including TV shows, video games, board games, and more. Bo is an avid tabletop gamer and currently hosts 2 separate Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

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