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Choo-Choo Charles May Be One of the Most Horrifying Games of 2022

Choo-Choo Charles is an Indie horror game about a man-eating evil train hunting down its victim, and gamers can’t wait to get their hands on it.

Imagine Thomas the Train Engine, but with spine-chilling fangs, eight legs, and a taste for human flesh. That is what indie game Choo-Choo Charles is all about. Two Star Games has recently shared a trailer for the horror game set to reshape the genre, where players embody a man being hunted by a bloodthirsty clown-faced train. While the game has been delayed until at least mid-2022, this hasn’t stopped gamers from being captivated by what they’ve seen of the game.

The basis of the open-world style game is absurd, yet so good. Players begin as a character that must navigate through an island while being tormented by this nightmarish sentient train car named Charles. Players will board a yellow engine, which they can equip with tactical gear and weapons to destroy the monster chasing them down.

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Players must set out to collect scrap pieces and help out the residents of the island to acquire upgrades for their train car to defeat the demonic train with spider-like appendages. While this may sound easy, it’s a pretty tricky endeavor. The train engine players will use to fight the wretched monster is equipped with a mounted gun turret that players can upgrade as they progress. Collecting stronger armor is key to taking on Charles in all of his glory, as he is no easy foe.

While the player’s train car is confined and bound to the train tracks, Charles isn’t confined to them. To clear a path, players must traverse the map, putting themselves in danger of encountering the monster. Players can leave their train at any time to collect more supplies and upgrades for their caravan, but they do so at their own risk. There are few places to hide, as Charles can use his spider legs to trudge through the terrain, searching for his next victim.

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Once players feel that they have upgraded their train to their liking, they will be able to summon Charles to his final duel. After this choice is made, it will be impossible to flee from Charles. This final battle will only end with one train car left standing, whether that be the player or the creature. This is a fight to the death, so players must be confident in their upgrades or Charles will rise victorious.

The trailer has horror fans chomping at the bit for the game to be released, as it showcases a mixture of pure terror and the stuff only gamers’ worst nightmares can produce. The game’s concept has been received well by anyone who has viewed the trailer, already making fans fall in love with the anxiety-inducing gameplay. Some gamers even have a theory about what happens once Charles has been defeated: players will then become the next demonic train car terrorizing the island. While there have been a lot of novelty horror games in the past, this one seems to have gamers sold on it already.

Samantha is an avid gamer who believes gaming can save the soul. PC is her niche, but consoles are still where it’s at! Her favorite game to play growing up was Zelda on n64.

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