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Christian Bale Says His Thor 4 Prosthetics ‘Affected My Brain’

Thor: Love and Thunder star Christian Bale discusses his role as Gorr the God Butcher and how his prosthetics affected him throughout the film.

Thor: Love and Thunder star Christian Bale opened up about how the prosthetics he wore for his role as Gorr the God Butcher impacted him during production.

Speaking to Deadline, Bale discussed how immobilized he felt by the prosthetics necessary to bring Gorr the God Butcher to life. “It rendered me completely incapable of everything,” Bale said of the character’s exceptionally long nails. He continued, “I was pathetic. I found myself thinking things like, ‘I don’t think I can walk because I’ve got long nails.’ It affected my brain. I was like, ‘I can’t eat, I’ve got long nails.’ I was trying to type. I couldn’t do anything.”

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Thor: Love and Thunder marks the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of the villainous Gorr the God Butcher. Based on a deicidal character of the same name from the comics, Bale’s rendition of Gorr has already been hailed by test audiences as one of, if not the best, MCU villains to date. Fellow star Chris Hemsworth has previously opened up about Gorr’s place in the MCU, saying, “You might not agree with how he’s going about it, but you understand why he’s been tipped over the edge and why he’s gone down this path.” Hemsworth continued, “That, I think, makes this a greater dynamic and not as predictable as the straightforward good guy vs. bad guy scenario we’ve seen before.”

Director Taika Waititi also weighed in on Gorr’s deeply rooted and complex motivation. “Gorr’s backstory involves being wronged by the gods, and a lot of his motivation is getting revenge for these wrongdoings…,” he said. “We really wanted to explore this idea of religion, belief, and what it means to put your faith in a higher power.” Waititi added, “And because Thor is essentially a god, what does it mean for him to represent these gods?”

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The film will see Hemsworth’s God of Thunder joined in his fight against Gorr the God Butcher by none other than Natalie Portman reprising her role as Jane Foster, who now wields both Mjolnir and the power of Thor. Waititi commented on the challenge of bringing Portman back to the MCU, saying, “I had to just talk to her about the fact that I wanted to change that character, just like we’d changed Thor’s character for Ragnarok and to give her a bit more license to be adventurous and fun because Natalie’s a really funny person. And sometimes… those sorts of things cannot… I don’t know, they’re not the main focus when they come up with characters and you know in films.”

Portman commented on the process of returning and the amount of work she put into bulking up for her return as Jane Foster. Portman said, “It was really fun. I worked with a trainer, Naomi Pendergast, for, I think it was, four months before shooting, and then obviously all the way through filming. We did a lot of weight training and a lot of protein shakes — heavyweight training that I haven’t ever done before.”

Thor: Love and Thunder arrives in theaters on July 8.

Source: Deadline

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