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Could We Be Getting Demogorgon Vs. Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4 Vol. 2?

Stranger Things 4 promises a wild conclusion. Clues in Vol. 1 and the Vol. 2 trailer point to a showdown between villains of the past and present.

The following contains spoilers for Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1, streaming on Netflix

Stranger Things has fans waiting in anticipation for the Season 4 conclusion in Volume 2. The most recent trailer depicts an all-out war between Hawkins and the insidious Vecna. Voiceover from Dr. Brenner also hints that the heroes of Hawkins aren’t equipped to battle their new threat. A series of setups in Volume 1, combined with clips in the Volume 2 trailer, point towards a battle of the Upside Down villains.

Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, has always been Stranger Things‘ secret weapon. However, Season 4 has taken its time bringing her back to save the day. Her absence, coupled with the recent reappearance of the Season 1 villain, all but confirms that the initial fight against Vecna will be with the Demogorgon.

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Stranger Things Season 4’s big bad, Vecna, is the scariest threat since Season 1. His Freddy Krueger-esque powers allow him to prey on people’s trauma and physically mutilate them. The Demogorgon preyed on people’s fear and used brute force to finish the job. A fight between these two creatures would yield a creative and exciting battle.

Their respective powers and origins make them formidable foes. With much of Vol. 1 building to Hopper’s fight against the Demogorgon, the logical next step is for the Demogorgon to fight an opponent of equal ability. The battle would also showcase just how dangerous each antagonist really is.

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Another clue that hints at this final fight in Vol. 2 is the Demogorgon’s sudden return in the first part of Season 4. In the post-credit scene of Season 3, the Demogorgon returned under the control of the Soviets. Vol. 1 followed Hopper’s imprisonment alongside the creature and ended with him barely surviving a battle against it. Joyce and Hopper are now left in the Russian prison with few options and an angry Demogorgon.

Narratively, all of Season 4 Vol. 1’s storylines need to converge during the battle against Vecna. Hopper and Joyce’s plot line has remained secluded for the majority of this season. The recent trailer for the season finale shows the Demogorgon running amok in Kamchatka, the Russian prison. It also teases Hopper and Joyce seeing the fog from the Upside Down. The Demogorgon may not only be their way out of the prison, but their way back to Hawkins via the Upside Down, which would allow their plot to return to the main storyline.

With this potential for the Demogorgon returning to Hawkins, and Vecna mounting a full attack on the heroes, it perfectly queues up a showdown between the two villains. The Vol. 2 trailer also shows a military ambush at Eleven’s training compound. This may delay her long enough to require the characters in Hawkins to resort to any means necessary for survival.

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This face-off would also bookend Season 1 and 4. Much of Season 4 has already been tied to the story of Season 1. Stranger Things 4 Vol. 1 gave audiences more of Eleven’s backstory and revealed how the first gate was opened. Vecna was also tied to this Season 1 reveal. These parallels show that the current season wants to bring back themes and imagery from the first season. A battle between the seasons’ respective villains would continue this trend.

Stranger Things 4 promises an epic conclusion to one of the show’s best seasons thus far. Its innovative ideas that harken back to Season 1, such as the light board mirroring the Christmas lights, sets up an epic duel that will connect the two fan-favorite entries in the series.

Vecna has already proven to be a threat that shakes Hawkins’ heroes to their core. Showing a battle between him and a villain they’ve fought before would only raise the stakes. If Vecna initially wins against the Demogorgon, it raises his status as a villain and builds up the necessity for Eleven reaching her full potential. All signs point to an epic showdown between these two terrifying antagonists.

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 2 premieres July 1, on Netflix.

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