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DC Reveals a Major Superman Villain Exists in the Arrowverse

DC’s Earth-Prime #6 by writers Jeff Hersh and Thomas Pound and artist Will Robson confirms a major Superman villain exists in the Arrowverse.

The following contains spoilers for Earth-Prime #6, on sale now from DC Comics.

The latest and final issue of DC’s Earth-Prime series reveals that Brainiac, one of Superman’s greatest and toughest villains, exists within the Arrowverse.

Earth-Prime #6 comes from writers Jeff Hersh and Thomas Pound, artist Will Robson, colorist Alex Sinclair, and letterer Tom Napolitano. In the issue, Bart Allen/Impulse and Nora West-Allen/XS are out doing some crime-fighting when they run into Magog. While Supergirl comes flying in to fight the villain, Impulse and XS also quickly find themselves wrapped up in a number of related attacks in nearby cities that Magog is manipulating.

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Needing to find a way to defeat Magog, Impulse and XS head to Smallville to enlist Superman/Clark Kent’s help. “[Magog’s] telling people they don’t need heroes,” Impulse tells Clark. “Assembled a bunch of other bad dudes to attack every level five good dude. But now the heroes are gone!”

Clark is reluctant to join the fight and tells the two heroes that, despite what anyone might say about them, they’re strong enough to face Magog on their own. Desperate, Impulse reminds Clark of a fight he had with Brainiac years ago. “This is why we need you!” Impulse tells him. “You took down Brainiac when you were only a teenager.”

Brainiac has yet to formally appear in the CW’s Arrowverse; although, the character has been alluded to by the existence of Brainiac 5, who was introduced in Supergirl Season 3 and is portrayed by Jesse Rath. A female version of Brainiac 5, portrayed by Meaghan Rath, also appeared in a later season of Supergirl. In the comics, Brainiac 5 is a green-skinned teenager from the future who is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and is also a descendent of Brainiac.

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Created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino, Brainiac/Vril Dox first appeared in 1958’s Action Comics #252. Known for stealing Krypton’s capital city and sometimes portrayed as being responsible for the destruction of Krypton, Brainiac is one of Superman’s most powerful enemies who also serves as a major foe to the Justice League. Brainiac has previously appeared in live-action format in Smallville, where he’s played by James Marsters, and in Krypton, where he’s played by Blake Ritson.

Earth-Prime #6 features cover art by Kim Jacinto and variant cover art by Bryan Hitch and Hi-Fi. The issue is on sale now from DC.

Source: DC

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