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DC’s Harley Quinn Just Killed a Major Batman Villain

A preview for DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1 by writer Matthew Rosenberg sees Harley Quinn kill a Batman villain while taking over Gotham’s underworld.

The following contains spoilers for DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1, on sale June 28 from DC Comics.

Harley Quinn just killed off a major Batman villain, the Mad Hatter, in DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1.

DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1 comes from writer Matthew Rosenberg and artists Eduardo Mello and Mike Bowden. A new one-shot spinning out of the DC vs. Vampires series, a preview provided by DC sees Harley Quinn and Catwoman/Selina Kyle seizing the opportunity to control Gotham’s underworld while everyone else’s time is preoccupied with the undead. “Way I figure, if someone is gonna be getting rich off the end times, might as well be me,” Harley narrates. “It rules.”

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Harley and Selina show up at a hideout the Mad Hatter is camped out in with Clayface and Solomon Grundy. Mad Hatter is less than excited about the visit, as he’s under the impression Harley is there to seize control of the small underground network he’s started for himself. Harley confirms as much, as she calls out Hatter for selling “false hope” to survivors of the vampire war and tells him that he “works for [her] now.”

She’s about to walk out the door when Hatter finds a bit of courage and pulls out a weapon. Sensing the oncoming attack, Harley turns around with a gun already in hand and proceeds to kill Hatter before he can make his move. “I warned you about that rhyming,” she stays while standing over the villain’s body. “Bye-bye.”

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The synopsis for DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1 reads, “In the shadow of the new Vampire World Order, Harley Quinn rules the human underworld in this age of darkness. She has survived by only looking out for herself…but she might have just found the key to saving the world.”

Harley has also shown up in the main DC vs. Vampires series, which launched in 2021, prior to the new one-shot. DC vs. Vampires #5 and 6 saw her and the Suicide Squad raid a warehouse in search of the Joker, who was previously believed to be the Vampire King prior to the reveal that Nightwing/Dick Grayson was the undead man behind the curtain. Art for DC vs. Vampires #7, which releases July 5, suggests that Harley’s time in the land of the living may soon be coming to an end, as a variant cover Francesco Mattina sees her as a ghastly undead bloodsucker.

DC vs. Vampires: Killers #1 features cover art by Hicham Habchi and variant cover art by Jonathan Glapion, Brett Booth and Paolo Pantalena. The issue releases June 28 from DC Comics.

Source: DC

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