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Dick Grayson Has One Advantage Bruce Wayne Never Had – Anonymity

Dick Grayson lacks a lot of the baggage that comes with being Bruce Wayne which allows him to infiltrate powerful organizations.

Batman has spent much of his life dressing up as The Dark Knight and fighting crime in Gotham City, and for the most part, he has kept his true identity a secret. In his civilian identity he continues his life as the owner of Wayne Enterprises. Bruce Wayne is a successful billionaire and a big name in the DC Universe. He has had multiple sidekicks that took up the “Robin” mantle; the first was Dick Grayson. Until recently, Dick Grayson and Nightwing were separate identities, like Bruce Wayne and Batman. In Forever Evil, the Crime Syndicate captured Nightwing and unmasked him on live television.

Despite Dick Grayson being exposed, he still has less experience in the public eye than Bruce Wayne. Currently Dick gained a fortune while Bruce went broke after the events of Joker War. Not many connect Batman to Bruce Wayne, but Bruce carries a lot of baggage as a former billionaire of celebrity status in Gotham. Because of his new financial vulnerability, another competing billionaire, Lex Luthor, can now entertain the idea of owning parts of Wayne Enterprises. Bruce Wayne has regularly fought Lex Luthor as Batman and as Bruce Wayne leading Luthor to figure out his costumed identity. Dick Grayson does not have as much experience battling with Lex Luthor out of costume, but his new wealth and his ties to Bruce can give Luthor something that he wants: power over Batman.

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With Nightwing’s identity known, Luthor knows the extent of his relationship with Bruce Wayne. But, the Bat-Family also has ties with Luthor’s main foe: Superman. In Superman: Son of Kal-El issue #12, Lex Luthor thanks Dick Grayson for accepting his invitation to LexCorp. Lex Luthor is a master manipulator known for his genius intellect, and he aims to appeal to Dick both for the good of his business and his power over Batman and Superman.

Nightwing mentored Jon Kent in Superman: Son of Kal-El Issue #12, and they investigated a series of superhero murders and expose corrupt government. Their detective skills led them to LexCorp, but their investigation came to a halt when Luthor manipulated and ruined public opinion over the new Superman. Later, Lois Lane embarrassed Luthor on live television after threatening him with a fake Lasso of Truth. Dick Grayson, as Jon Kent’s mentor and son of Batman, is a perfect candidate to build connections in the superhero world. He lacks the baggage his adopted father accrued as Bruce Wayne over decades with the loss of his parents and social status as a billionaire. Compared to Bruce, Dick is still an unknown quantity.

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Dick Grayson’s public personality is essentially a blank slate, and he uses what anonymity he has to his advantage. The world does not really know about Dick Grayson aside from being Nightwing. His hero status works in his favor for public opinion. While Lex Luthor knows his ties to Bruce Wayne, other companies do not share that knowledge. In fact, other companies may see an opportunity to capitalize on his good image by incorporating him into their future endeavors.

Dick Grayson can infiltrate companies with ease while Bruce Wayne cannot. Bruce’s anonymity comes with Batman, but out of costume his social status is too high to slip under the radar. For this reason, the Justice League can place its trust in Nightwing to do what Batman cannot. Dick has proven time and time again his loyalty to Batman and his fellow superheroes. His friendship with Jon Kent mirrors that of Batman and Clark Kent, and both have also taken up the mantles of their fathers. He has helped train and raise Damian Wayne and acts as the heart of the Bat-Family which makes him a valuable asset for the main superhero team in the DC Universe.

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