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Doctor Strange 2: Is the MCU Done With Christine Palmer?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness may have closed the door on Christine Palmer. But should her story in the MCU be done?

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was a trip into the many worlds of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, for all the spectacles, the movie’s most important elements were its character arcs. The best example came with Doctor Strange, who spent most of his film wrestling with his undying love for Christine Palmer. But now that Strange has finally moved on, could this mean the end of Christine’s character in the MCU or the start of something new?

In the comics, Christine, much like her MCU counterpart, had a job in the medical field. However, her expertise wasn’t just on civilians who fell ill or were injured. Instead, she focused her skills on helping superheroes in need as the Night Nurse. While she wasn’t the only medical professional to use the name, she still wore it with pride, using it to help the likes of Nightcrawler during a miniseries titled Nightcrawler by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Darick Robertson. But even though her tenure as Night Nurse lasted only long enough to aid the X-Men, it could easily get expanded in the MCU.

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During the Netflix era of Marvel shows, fans came to know another Night Nurse, Claire Temple. Unlike Christine, Claire found herself helping multiple superheroes, including Daredevil and Luke Cage. However, with her face in the MCU unknown, the position has opened up. As Multiverse of Madness had shown with her Earth-838 counterpart, Christine has had a knack for tying herself to the various heroes of the MCU. That could continue in Doctor Strange’s universe as her quiet life may not be enough to scratch her itch to help others.

With more heroes appearing in New York City, more injuries will happen. That could lead Christine to take it upon herself to aid those in need, including Spider-Man, Captain America and even Kate Bishop. Her role would be especially crucial as there’s no longer SHIELD to help treat heroes that may be injured, and most of the newest additions are free agents who couldn’t readily go to a hospital as their identities may be kept secret. That would also help lessen the confusion over which Night Nurse would appear in the MCU, as her presence could be an amalgamation of them all.

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Christine’s character in the comics never got much of a chance to be fleshed out like in the MCU. But should she take on responsibilities as the Night Nurse, it could allow more layers to her character. For example, it could strain her marriage and potentially include a meeting between her and Clea should Strange need immediate medical attention for another injury. On a grander scale, she could also be one of the first nurses to treat Mutants, which could cause her to meet Storm and Nightcrawler, much like in the latter’s miniseries. As a result, she could play a role similar to Phil Coulson as a liaison into the mutant world before their big debut.

Should creators decide to bring Christine Palmer back, whether as a TV show or an appearance in a film, it would likely be to expand her presence in the world of superheroes. But more than being the Night Nurse, her appearance could also promise a new era of growth for her character as she balances her own life with her marriage. Then, hopefully, in the near future, she could also get audiences closer to the mutant community and help integrate them into the larger MCU in a natural way.

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