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Does The Umbrella Academy Season 3 Have a Post-Credits Scene?

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 ended on a cliffhanger. But does the Netflix season have a post-credits scene that foreshadows the events of Season 4?

The following contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 3, now streaming on Netflix.

Post-credits scenes are expected in movies and television shows nowadays. Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy has joined the trend by introducing its first ever post-credits scene at the end of Season 3. But what does that moment mean for Season 4?

Netflix has yet to confirm that a fourth season is coming for The Umbrella Academy, but the Season 3 finale assures fans that there’s more story to tell. The Umbrellas may have lost the battle against the world-ending Kugelblitz and their conniving father Reginald Hargreeves, but maybe it’s for the best. All the siblings have ever accomplished since they reunited is started (and ended) apocalypses, so it’s time for them to rest a bit. Yet the post-credits scene assures that there will be another issue to fix if a fourth season does come.

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After discovering that the children no longer have their powers and Reginald is king of the world in a new timeline, nobody was expecting any more surprises. Lo and behold, the post-credits scene proves everyone wrong. The scene is brief, but able to spark a thousand fan theories. Ben sits on a Korean subway train reading a book — and notably, this isn’t the same Ben everyone grew to know in Season 3, since the Sparrow Ben was still with the group when they appeared in the new timeline.

Five theorized in the beginning of Season 3 that their doppelgängers were running around somewhere, but that was squashed when an adult Harlan revealed he accidentally killed all of their birth mothers before they were born. In this new timeline (or maybe even universe), Ben does have a doppelgänger, meaning The Umbrella Academy‘s take on Marvel’s variants is becoming a reality.

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Seeing as this version of Ben is sitting in a similar train to the one his mother gave birth in during the opening scene of Season 3, this Ben could be one that was never adopted by Reginald. However, another theory is that this Ben was adopted by Reginald but never died when he was a teenager. Most of the Umbrellas eventually found their own path in life after being child superheroes, so there’s the possibility that Ben went back to his birthplace. His slicked-back hair also supports this theory, since this is Umbrella Ben’s hair. Sparrow Ben’s hair, on the other hand, is spiked up.

Ben is the only character to be present in the post-credits scene, which indicates he’ll have a significant role in the fourth season. He’s arguably one of the most important characters in the whole series, since his death tore the family apart. The one thing that must come out of this discovery, though, is that the Umbrellas need to discuss the “Jennifer incident” that caused Ben’s death. The show has dragged out the suspense of his death for far too long, and variant Ben can answer everybody’s burning questions about it. But The Umbrella Academy could be saying anything with this 10-second tease, so let the wild speculation about Ben begin.

To see the post-credits scene, watch The Umbrella Academy Season 3, now streaming on Netflix.

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