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Doron Dororon Chapter 27 Reveals Where Mononoke Came From

The Mononoke make the world of Doron Dororon interesting, and Chapter 27 finally reveals how these monsters came into being.

The following contains spoilers for Doron Dororon Chapter 27, “Goki Tsukahara,” by Gen Oosuka, Satsuki Yamashita and Phil Christie, available in English at Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Just like common shonen manga with a supernatural theme, the world of Doron Dororon is plagued by man-eating monsters. The Mononoke in this story are fairly new existences, with the first-ever sighting being recorded five decades before the current timeline. But they’ve already had countless victims during their short stay, and Chapter 27 of Doron Dororon finally explains how these wretched evil spirits came into being.

Rather than the cause of Mononoke’s existence, the story highlights the dangers they possess — especially since it’s the force driving the manga’s plot. The Mononoke have always been depicted as evil creatures that are to be exterminated. They prey on humans, with protagonist Dora’s mother being one of their victims. As a result, readers have become more interested in the Samurai and Mononoke’s power levels — as well as how Dora can realize his dream of making the world free of these monsters.

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Dora and Kusanagi are finally afforded time to breathe after wrapping up the case with the aged corpses, and Dora filed a proper report of the incident. The two were strolling around when they met an old gardener, who they offered to help. The gardener showed off his trimming skills, spurring the Samurai-Mononoke pair’s competitiveness. Just as they were chatting with the gardener, Heisuke Ujii arrived to fetch them for the meeting. He also asked the gardener — who turned out to be the head of the Izanagi Corps — to pack up and proceed to the meeting as well.

Once all the Samurai Officers were gathered, Tsukahara started the meeting. Yuusai Yagyu reported a gathering of Mononoke, posing a possibility of attacking the Samurai headquarters, which was also the reason the Samurai Officers were gathered. Tsukahara later revealed that the one pulling the strings behind this recent Mononoke movement was a man called Hanzo Miyamoto. It seems the Mononoke came into existence after Hanzo cast a certain jutsu, and eliminating Hanzo would supposedly also rid the world of all Mononoke. Unfortunately, that would also include Kusanagi.

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The revelation of Hanzo’s existence sets a visible ending for the manga, which can be both a positive and a negative. On one hand, this development provides readers with the bigger picture of Doron Dororon‘s plot. It’s no longer just a continuous, repetitive stream of battles against some Mononoke. It also gives the Samurai-Mononoke pair a serious problem they cannot immediately solve, bringing a much-needed complication to the storyline.

On the other hand, this may be indicative of the manga nearing an end. It is no secret that maintaining a spot in Shonen Jump‘s weekly magazine requires considerable popularity, and Doron Dororon has not been showing amazing results. It may have outlived both Ayashimon and Protect Me, Shugomaru! — both of which were serialized at around the same time — but that does not mean it will hold its slot forever, especially if it fails to perform better than the other serialized titles.

Christian Markle is writing manga-related articles for CBR. If he’s gripping his hair writing an article, he’s inside his hole indulging in manga, anime, and/or video games. His favorite manga is One Piece, which the ever-lost Zoro is undeniably the best.

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