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Doron Dororon Reveals All the Samurai Officers’ Names and Faces

Doron Dororon has already introduced two of the Samurai Officers — Ujii and Naotora — but Chapter 27 finally reveals the rest of the group.

The following contains spoilers for Doron Dororon Chapter 27, “Goki Tsukahara,” by Gen Oosuka, Camellia Nieh and Phil Christie, available in English at Viz Media and Manga Plus.

Trained wielders of supernatural energy called Samurai protect the world of Doron Dororon from the heinous monsters called Mononoke. They function under the jurisdiction of the Izanagi Corps, and the strongest among them are referred to as Samurai Officers. Readers of the manga have only seen two of these Samurai Officers, but Chapter 27 finally reveals the name and faces of the other mighty officers.

Heisuke Ujii was the first Samurai Officer to make his debut. He arrived just in time to save Dora, Kusanagi and Ginchiyo from the humanoid Mononoke’s threat. He also defended Dora from the higher-ups in the force, which led to him being responsible for the Samurai-Mononoke pair. Naotora Kamiizumi was the next Samurai Officer to join the fray. She was a berserker who caught feelings for Dora. Naotora was also the one who accompanied Dora and Kusanagi during their battle with Kusanagi’s hateful friend, Dosan.

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After resolving the case of aged corpses, Dora and Kusanagi were back at the Samurai headquarters. They were eating dorayaki while walking when they met an old man trimming plants in the garden. The two offered to help the old man, but the old man was offended by the young pair’s impudence. He showed the two his efficient gardening skills, which both Dora and Kusanagi acknowledged. Even so, the two were still adamant to help. Ujii came to fetch them as they were messing around with the plants. Recognizing the old gardener, Ujii revealed his real identity.

The gardener turned out to be the old head of the Izanagi Corps, Goki Tsukahara. Donning a black Samurai uniform, Tsukahara started the meeting with the Samurai Officers. Yuusai Yagyu, the battalion commander, reported of a gathering of Mononoke, which would likely lead to an attack. Since they were the best the force had to offer, the Samurai Officers were expected to be at the forefront of the battle. Each of the samurai officers was then introduced.

Rui Hosokawa was the only other female Samurai Officer besides Naotora. Beside her was a spectacle-wearing Samurai Officer named Hajime Narita. There was also Yujin Yagyu, who was caught sleeping during the meeting, as well as the buff Namishiro Kitabatake who was sporting a striped, black-and-white hairdo. To complete the set was the fiery pipsqueak Sakonta Ashikaga.

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At a glance, it is clear that each of the Samurai Officers has their own interesting quirks, just as Ujii is hungry for recognition and Naotora is a shy berserker. There may not be much information about these newly-introduced Samurai Officers yet, but it’s not difficult to take a gander as to what makes them interesting. Sakonta, for instance, is almost certain to be a typical short-fused daredevil with height insecurities, a trope that is common with high-ranking shonen characters.

Another one with an interesting tidbit is Yujin Yagyu, simply because of his surname. In terms of strength, the most surprising one is the old head, Goki Tsukahara. He, after all, managed to block all the Samurai Officers’ attacks at a moment of weakness. Ujii alone was able to kill multiple humanoid Mononoke, yet even he failed to even graze Tsukahara. With the revelation of a possible wide-scale Mononoke attack, readers may soon witness the other Samurai Officers of Doron Dororon.

Christian Markle is writing manga-related articles for CBR. If he’s gripping his hair writing an article, he’s inside his hole indulging in manga, anime, and/or video games. His favorite manga is One Piece, which the ever-lost Zoro is undeniably the best.

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