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Dragon Ball Super Boss Says a Post-Super Hero Story Is In Production

Shortly after Japanese debut of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, producer Akio Iyoku confirms that production on the next entry in the series has begun.

A new animated entry in the Dragon Ball Super series is under production, though it’s still unknown if it’ll be a new anime series, another original movie, or something else entirely.

In a new interview posted in this month’s issue of V Jump, which was translated and shared online by Twitter user @DBSHype, series producer Akio Iyoku was asked what he’s working on next now that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has finally been released in Japan. Iyoku responded, “Well, if you’re asking… a new entry in the series is… already in the making!” Iyoku did not go into any details about what this “new entry” is, but warned that whatever it ends up being, it may still be sometime before it’s ready to be released. “Super Hero took us five years to make, so it’s only natural we’re already working on what comes next!”

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Iyoku teased at the beginning of the year that there would be more animated Dragon Ball to look forward to besides the new Super Hero movie. Many fans are hoping that he was referring to an oft-requested new season of the Dragon Ball Super anime, which originally ran for 131 episodes from 2015 – 2018. While the show concluded several years ago, the Dragon Ball Super manga has continued its serialization to this day, and has completed one full arc, the Galactic Patrol Prisoner saga, and is about to finish a second, the Granolah the Survivor saga, meaning that there is plenty of content for a potential continuation of the series to work off of. It is also entirely possible that Iyoku is teasing another movie, which like, Super Hero and Broly before it, will be based around an entirely original story that wasn’t seen in the manga.

“[Dragon Ball creator Akira] Toriyama-sensei is always working on new DB concepts and ideas, after all,” Iyoku said in the magazine, adding, “We’re all thinking about what we want to show the world next.”

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While Dragon Ball fans in Japan are already looking forward to what comes next for the series, fans in the rest of the world still have several weeks to go before they can see Gohan and Piccolo’s latest adventure together in Super Hero. The new movie will be released in theaters in the United States on Aug. 19. Crunchyroll, who is distributing the movie outside of Japan, is also planning to re-release the Dragon Ball Super anime series in a special edition steelbook box set.

Source: Twitter

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