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Final Fantasy VII Remake Player’s Toddler Sends Fans Into a Frenzy

Fans were excited by what appeared to be a new teaser for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, only to discover that it was an accident caused by a toddler.

A new teaser for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth hidden in Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s title screen recently set off a wave of fan speculation — dampened only by the fact that the “teaser” was actually the result of a TV screen broken by a toddler.

MJ Gallagher, a fantasy author with a particular love of Final Fantasy VII, took to Twitter on June 23 to share what he believed to be a color effect added to the Final Fantasy VII Remake title screen to advertise the upcoming sequel, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The apparent teaser features a red, wavering circle surrounding the iconic Buster Sword, seemingly in reference to Rebirth‘s red-tinted logo. It didn’t take long for fans to latch onto what they believed to be the latest piece of info regarding the sequel.

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The red circle, as it turns out, was not actually in reference to anything. The “teaser” was never a teaser at all — according to Gallagher, his toddler threw a toy at the television, creating a visual glitch in an eerily perfect area. The portal behind the Buster Sword was nothing more than a busted screen. This set off FFVII Rebirth fans in a very different way.

While this particular “teaser” was the simple product of an over-active toddler, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth received a more legitimate tease in the form of its recent trailer. The game is set to continue the story of FFVII Remake, seemingly veering off course from the original FFVII. The world will be further expanded with another upcoming remake of the PSP spinoff Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, titled Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

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Outside of the world of FFVII, the Final Fantasy brand is also expanding with an upcoming mainline entry, Final Fantasy XVI. It will be a wholly original story with a brand new setting, new characters and a handful of old Final Fantasy monsters. The game hasn’t yet received any deceptive marketing from toddlers, but Final Fantasy XVI did recently receive a brand new trailer.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on PlayStation 4. An upgraded edition of the game, Final Fantasy VII Remake: Intergrade, is available on PlayStation 5 and Microsoft Windows. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will launch exclusively on PlayStation 5. Final Fantasy XVI is also set for a PlayStation 5 release. A PC release was teased in its initial trailer, but the platform has not been mentioned in marketing since.

Source: Twitter

Sorrel Kerr-Jung’s first love is the newsroom, but not far behind is her other passion: forgetting to finish video games. When she’s not picking up Chrono Trigger for the seventieth time, she can be found writing news and features about video games for CBR. She has more (and worse!) thoughts on Twitter.

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