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Final Fantasy XIV: 5 Mistakes All New Players Should Avoid

There’s so much to do and see in FFXIV that new players often miss out without realizing it. Here are five mistakes that new players should avoid.

Final Fantasy XIV is one of the largest MMORPGs on the market with hundreds of hours of content for players to enjoy. From dungeons to raids to main story quests and plenty of expansions, the natural flow of progression brings new players to prioritize these aspects of the game. However, players who don’t look past the main events are passing up on valuable opportunities.

In a game like FFXIV, there’s so much to do and see that new players often miss out, only realizing it after dozens of hours of play time. Here are five mistakes new players often make that can hurt them in the long run.

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One of the biggest mistakes that newcomers make is brushing off the blue quests. These special quests unlock a dungeon, location, related story arc, or new ability. For instance, players can’t unlock the ability to fly until they complete every blue quest in that region. Newcomers who go straight from main quest to main quest are likely to miss out on other locations and experiences, such as the Gold Saucer or the Wolves’ Den.

More importantly, some blue quests will even influence how major characters address the player in later missions. For example, completing the Bahamut Coils will unlock a dialogue branch with Alisae when players meet her again. She will express her gratitude to the player for giving her courage and helping her discover the truth about her grandfather if the Coils are completed. Otherwise, the player’s reunion with Alisae will be far less heartwarming.

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The Grand Company is an experience players are required to sign up for as part of the main story, yet most players ignore it after completing the initial quest. Each Company has their own currency called Seals which are awarded for doing Fates, leves, and deliveries. Seals are used to purchase armor, crafting materials, furniture, and (most importantly) Venture currency.

The most important aspect of the Company is that players must be a Second Lieutenant rank to own a house. If players ignore promoting through Company ranks, they’ll have to grind out Seals, buy promotions, and complete Company hunting logs before they can purchase property.

Crafting furniture, gear, weapons, and clothes can be a reliable source of gil if players work the Market Board correctly. For instance, a Winter Sweater can run anywhere between 20,000 and 60,000 gil, while a single Thanavrian Dress sells for 250,000 gil. Crafting also gives players access to the Scrip Exchange with various NPCs all over the realm, which are used to purchase special crafting gear, mounts, furniture, and clothes. Player expenses increase over time, so having a steady income of gil will give the player a cushion between required actions like teleportation, gear repairs, and upgrades.

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It’s common knowledge that retainers are there to sell on the Market Board and store items, but many newcomers don’t know that retainers can be assigned Disciple of War, Magic, or Land classes. Once assigned a class, retainers can be paid a Venture currency and sent out on explorations to gather materials or find rare items. Players are only allowed two free retainers per character, so it’s imperative that retainers are always sent out in a rotation of ventures to maximize their value.

In FFXIV, it’s important to keep a stash of money at all times. All too often, players only think about their next glamour set or weapon, realizing later that they need to buy a new set of armor to optimize their stats. Starting at level 50, there is an item level requirement in order to register for duty. For example, The Labyrinth of the Ancients raid has a level 50 item level requirement, and if the player’s gear isn’t good enough, the duty will remain locked. Players who don’t save gil are stuck doing roulettes until they can afford better armor.

The world of FFXIV can be overwhelmingly massive, but by avoiding these common mistakes, new players are sure to keep gil in their pockets, stay on top of story arcs, and make the most of their monthly subscription fee.

Stevanna Allen is a Gaming Features Writer with a passion for RPG games. Some of her favorite games include Final Fantasy VIII, Persona 4 and Dead By Daylight. When she’s not gaming, she can be found animating and studying video game development.

Ignoring the Blue Quests

Passing on the Grand Company

Not Investing in a Crafting Class

Not Making Full Use of Retainers

Spending Every Gil They Get

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