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Hasbro’s X-Men ’92 Marvel Legends Mystique Comes With an Adorable Baby Nightcrawler

The shapeshifting mutant assassin Mystique gets her own Hasbro X-Men ’92 Marvel Legends figure, and accessories include an adorable baby Nightcrawler.

The deadly shapeshifting mutant assassin Mystique is being immortalized as part of Hasbro’s X-Men ’92 Marvel Legends action figure line… and she comes with an adorable baby, her son Nightcrawler.

The new figure, which can be pre-ordered at Hasbro Pulse, is inspired by the character’s design from the classic X-Men: The Animated Series, which ran on the Fox Kids Network from 1992 to 1997. The figure contains such accessories as two sets of hands — open and close-fisted — a pistol and a large rifle. But the highlight is a baby Nightcrawler with a yellow pacifier in his mouth, covered in a red blanket. Like all the other X-Men figures in the Marvel Legends line, Mystique comes in a vintage VHS package identical to the home video releases of the series, with her animated counterpart on the cover holding a candle.

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Created by Chris Claremont and designed by Dave Cockrum, Raven Darkhölme/Mystique made her debut in Ms. Marvel #16 (April 1978). She can shapeshift into anyone’s appearance and voice, while her natural look is blue skin, red hair and yellow eyes. In the comics, Mystique was best known for her association with Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, and is not only the biological mother of Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler but also the adoptive mother of Rogue.

In X-Men: The Animated Series, Mystique was used as a recurring villain and more associated with Apocalypse, who gave her the shapeshifting abilities. For many fans, her most memorable depiction outside the comics was in Fox’s X-Men films, with Rebecca Romijn playing the role in 2000’s X-Men, 2003’s X2 and 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence took over the younger version of the role in 2011’s X-Men: First Class and reprised the role in three further films. The First Class series re-imagined Mystique as a childhood friend of /Professor X who was part of the first X-Men team and eventually parted from him to join Magneto.

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With the X-Men film and television rights reverting to Marvel Studios following Disney’s acquisition of Fox in 2019, the mutants are making their way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including Patrick Stewart reprising his Fox X-Men role as Professor X in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In addition, the world of the X-Men animated series will continue on Disney+ with X-Men ’97.

Hasbro’s X-Men ’92 Marvel Legends Mystique will be released sometime this summer and can be pre-ordered at Hasbro Pulse. Episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series are streaming on Disney+. X-Men ’97 does not have a release date on Disney+.

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