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How The Umbrella Academy Sets Up Season 4

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy messed with reality to create a bittersweet ending, laying down key threads for a dramatic fourth season.

The following contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy Season 3, now streaming on Netflix.

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy doubled down on past seasons, adding a lot more drama, romance and action to the fray. With the Sparrows and the Umbrellas initially feuding, then having to team up to stop a new apocalypse, many sub-arcs unfolded, with Sir Reginald Hargreeves’ charges, on either side, running into trust issues across the board. Thankfully, they were able to unite, albeit under shady circumstances, but as reality was reset in a bittersweet ending, a few threads were already set up for Season 4.

Luther and the Sparrows’ Sloane fell in love à la Romeo and Juliet, eventually getting married. Unfortunately, when Allison hit the reboot button in the Hotel Oblivion in the finale, Sloane didn’t return as part of this new world. Luther scampered off to find her, which could cause more conflict. Seeing as Allison has Claire and Ray, aka her dream family, Luther could lash out if she was being petty or jealous, opting not to bring Sloane back. If Luther does find Sloane, one can only hope she remembers them getting hitched, or he could turn on Allison for good.

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The reboot took away the Umbrellas’ powers, leaving Diego and Lila keen to start their new life with their unborn baby. However, if new threats or a chance to fix the timeline emerge, they may try to reattain their powers. Viktor and Klaus are likely to be called on as Five trusts them a lot more. This would also spice up Diego’s potential marriage, as Lila may want him out of the hero game if another apocalypse arises. Either way, if the heroes need to find another portal to the control rooms the creators of reality left behind, akin to the Hotels Oblivion or Obsidian, all hands on deck will be needed.

Allison got her happy ending, but seeing as Ray’s not Claire’s real dad, it could unfold like WandaVision and the Westview Scarlet Witch created. Whether it’s the girl wanting her old life back, or Allison’s siblings hating how she perverted space and time, she may have to destroy this world. It may end up with Allison becoming an unhinged villain, which was teased when she allied with Reg for the reboot. Her mind-controlling powers evolving as well does foreshadow disaster to come.

Reg has Hargreeves Enterprises, which is a more modern spin on his empire. Seeing as the alien duped both academies into resetting reality so he could bring Abigail (his dead wife) back, he’ll surely use his resources to keep it that way. He won’t want anyone tampering with this new utopia, which could once more put him at odds with the Umbrellas in this new timeline. There’s even a chance he has a new academy waiting to unleash.

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Most of the Sparrows died before Sloane went missing, but the post-credits had Ben alive and well, seemingly seeking out his family in South Korea. It could result in him finding peace and getting over the “Jennifer incident.” Fans are desperate to know how this mysterious woman affected his life in both worlds, and once that’s cleared, a healed Ben may try to find Sloane, Marcus, Jayme, Fei, Alphonso and Chris the Cube. This could form the heroic Sparrows he always wanted them to be, maybe even partnering with the Umbrellas to take Reg down.

In Season 3, Allison killed Harlan after finding out he accidentally murdered their moms in the Sparrow-world. If she repented and brought him back, Viktor could seek Harlan out. Viktor may end up finding his beloved Sissy as well. However, given Harlan’s knack for storing power, he could be a giant battery once more, and a weapon the Umbrellas can use to power up, or use to go after Reg. Harlan’s always been shy, so a more confident hero would flip the character on its head, helping Viktor to be a new White Violin.

Mom, the robotic nanny who works for Reg, could be found by Diego and turned once more. She ended up being a worshipper of the Kugelblitz, so once she finds out she almost ended reality by enabling the black hole, Mother can atone by aiding the Umbrellas. Pogo should exist in this reality too, and undoubtedly, he’d be perfect to go after Reg as he knows the egomaniac inside out. Lastly, Stanley — the kid Lila passed off as Diego’s son — could end up joining and helping out as a spy, especially as Reg wouldn’t know much about him.

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Five discovered he founded this temporal unit, so if he somehow finds a way to a new commission in this reality, they could help him fix the timeline. The Handler can return, or even agents such as Hazel and Cha Cha. He’d need suitcases for the jumps, most of all, so Five could truly start his temporal engineering career from scratch, which would bring his story full-circle by having him begin the society here. This would close the loop and inform why his older self seemed to push him down this path.

While the series has positioned Reg as the puppet master, if Abigail loves her second lease on life, she may not want this world broken. She could manipulate Reg, or even take the reins and direct operations, giving The Umbrella Academy a much-needed new villain. This could further tie into Reg seemingly seeding out the gold dust that powered up kids across the timelines. Ultimately, it’d inform if maybe she was the mastermind all along, pushing for him to find a way to bring her back.

The Umbrella Academy Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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