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Komi Can’t Communicate Does Its Own Take on Marvel and Universal Studios

Shoko Komi is in Kyoto for a school trip, but her new friends take her to Osaka to see the city’s version of Universal Studios and Marvel rides.

The following contains spoilers for Episode 21 of Komi Can’t Communicate, “It’s Just Day 2 of the Field Trip,” now streaming on Netflix.

In Episode 20 of Komi Can’t Communicate, Shoko Komi and her classmates all went to Kyoto for their first school trip. The first day saw the class visit a few historic sites in the city under the supervision of their tour guide, Ryoko Tenjoin. They also got to stay at a traditional Japanese hotel and public bath, and the boys even participated in an impromptu photo shoot where they got to show off their bodies. The only worse thing Komi experienced on her first day was sexual harassment from Ren Yamai, who asked to touch her breasts.

The second day of the school trip is covered in Episode 21, where Komi actually sticks to her assigned group consisting of herself, Ayami Sasaki and Mikuni Kato. None of the three girls had interacted with one another prior to the school trip and ended up having to introduce themselves. Mikuni is an enthusiastic shogi player who aspires to become the first female shogi master in the national competition. Ayami is a competitive yo-yo master, but doesn’t let the other two girls know this.

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Since neither Komi nor Ayami made any plans for the group, Mikuni, without consulting the others, took it upon herself to come up with a schedule. She decided all the places they were going to go, when they would go, and how long they were going to stay at each of these places. For their first activity, Mikuni scheduled a trip to Osaka to attend the city’s version of Universal Studios Japan — renamed Utopia Street Japan.

Aesthetically, Utopia Street Japan resembles the real-life Universal Studios park in every detail, from the presence of the iconic Universal globe to the rides and shops featured inside the park. One of the first rides the three girls go on is the show’s version of the 3-D Spider-Man ride, which is found in the Islands of Adventure theme park at Universal Studios.

Renamed Spider-San for the show, the Spider-Man ride is depicted in exactly the same way as its real-life counterpart: the girls ride a car through a set path inside an enclosed space with 3-D glasses on. As they go through the different parts of the city, they experience attacks from iconic villains and are rescued by Spider-San at various points throughout the ride.

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Another famous Universal Studios ride depicted in Episode 21 of Komi Can’t Communicate is the Jaws ride. Referred to as the Shark ride in the show, the Jaws ride is also depicted just like the real-life ride: the girls get inside a boat and go on a tour of the beach community depicted in the Jaws movie, until they encounter trouble. In the real-life ride, a previous tour boat is attacked and destroyed by the shark and the tour guide calls for help. The shark then attacks the boat for the remainder of the ride, surfacing at various points throughout the path.

Since Komi is seated on the side of the boat where the shark surfaces, she freezes in fear, which causes the other girls to think she’s not afraid of the ride. Once it finishes, Komi, Ayami and Mikuni pose in front of the captured shark (which existed in the real-life park) for a photo. After spending their morning at Utopia Street Japan, the girls leave the park for lunch and spend the rest of their day visiting other tourist attractions. Some of these include Nara Park, where the girls feed crackers to the local deer, and returning to Kyoto where Komi dresses as a maiko and participates in a live performance. Clearly, Komi Can’t Communicate knows its real-life pop culture.

Diane Darcy is features writer for anime, comics, and television at CBR. She’s also the owner of the popular blog and has contributed features to,, and She’s also a co-host of the Huntress Podcast for

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