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MCU Theory: Mantis’ New Thor 4 Look May Tease Her Celestial Future

Thor: Love and Thunder has given new looks to the Guardians of the Galaxy. But Mantis’ new attire may tease a grander future in the MCU.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has upped its roster in over a decade, thanks to its many films and shows. With Phase Four well underway, now is the perfect time to flesh out particular side characters and explore how they’ve changed since Thanos’ defeat. One example of this is the Guardians of the Galaxy, specifically Mantis. In Thor: Love and Thunder promotional material, she’s appeared with a slightly altered look but more confident in her stance and place in the Guardians. But this new look and vibe for the heroine may tease an important future for the character that fits more with her comic counterpart.

In the comics, Mantis was raised as a Celestial Madonna by the Cotati, a pacifist group of aliens from the planet Hala. To them, the Celestial Madonna was to give birth to their savior, and Mantis fit the bill for their story. However, in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game, this position gave her more abilities beyond empathy, including the ability to see every possible outcome in an event. Needless to say, Mantis has a much larger level of importance in her comic history than in the MCU. But let’s look at how this potential future could get set up in Thor: Love and Thunder.

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While she may not give birth to a savior to the Cotati in the MCU, her prophecy could still get adapted using the race they’re saving in Thor: Love and Thunder. Mantis’ attire and demeanor have also shown a higher level of comfort and maturity. Rather than just being the team empath, she seemed to have a more important role, possibly because she became aware of her destiny before Thor: Love and Thunder. That said, should her destiny as a Celestial Madonna be implied, it could mean big changes for her cosmic MCU.

Mantis’ destiny may not be the same as in the comics, but her title alone would imply that her future may collide with the Celestial species. That would mean that she may be the one to take down the likes of Arishem the Judge should he return with a negative verdict on planet Earth. She could also be the one to save the species that may be starved or on its last legs due to the Eternal’s interference and Thanos’ snap.

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Mantis isn’t the most fleshed-out member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. And because of that, she has potential for growth and a chance of importance getting placed on her. Thor: Love and Thunder has already established that she’s grown and matured into a capable fighter and someone willing to help her friends. But if she’s going to have a higher calling, Mantis could easily be the most important character in the MCU yet.

To see if Mantis gets a new role, Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters July 8, 2022.

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