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Ms. Marvel Just Set Up the Ultimate Crossover with Bollywood’s Biggest Superstar

Thanks to a new heartthrob on the block in Kamala Khan’s New Jersey world, Ms. Marvel just set up a crossover with Bollywood’s biggest superstar.

The following contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Season 1, Episode 2, “Crushed,” now streaming on Disney+.

One of the most welcoming aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is how it’s embracing other cultures. African heritage drove Black Panther’s story, while Shang-Chi went back to his Asian roots to chart his path. As for South Asian traditions, Kingo’s Bollywood arc in Eternals, while short, was still appreciated.

However, Ms. Marvel is really elevating Marvel Studios in terms of diversity and authenticity. In doing so, Kamala Khan as a Gen Z teen balancing her newfound powers with her Pakistani and Islamic history has created a very intriguing, dynamic story. In the process, as Kamala found a kindred spirit, the series set up the ultimate crossover with Bollywood’s biggest superstar.

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This is none other than Shah Rukh Khan (aka SRK), an icon who has put out hit after hit. He’s generated billions, becoming a celebrity — and is now diversifying his portfolio globally in sports and media. Interestingly, his reputation came up when Kamala met the heartthrob Kamran at their New Jersey high-school.

They bonded over their love for Bollywood, leaving Bruno a tad jealous. Admittedly, he couldn’t compete, not when they shared so many common interests. They mentioned Baazigar and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge as two SRK properties they love, which could allow the Indian actor to fit in and help Marvel capitalize on a massive market in an organic manner.

For some time, as seen with the rapturous clips from inside cinemas during many Marvel movies, Indian fans have been lapping up comic book films. SRK himself, did a superhero flick in 2011 titled Ra.One where he had to enter a video game akin to Tron to stop a villain. Thus, he’s already a fit for the genre, no surprise given his filmography has ranged from action to comedy to romance to sci-fi.

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But SRK’s role could be more than just a cameo due to the two films the teens mentioned. In Baazigar, he played Ajay, someone who schemed the Chopra sisters in a dark game of love to break their family’s hearts and take back the empire they stole from him. It could tease a similar role for Kamran, given his mom’s the mysterious woman Kamala’s bangle is wary of. Kamran, after all, manipulated Kamala in the comics and tried ruin her life, so SRK can factor in as his father or someone his seedy mom has worked with in a meta moment that’d throw back to Amrish Puri’s sinister machinations as Mola Ram in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Now, with Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, SRK’s Raj tried to defy Simran’s family orders and her predestined fate to marry someone else. He knew they were soulmates and eventually won her back, which could lend to Bruno’s story as the outsider trying to gain Kamala’s heart. It might be that Kamran thinks Kamala’s destined for him, so SRK can factor into a connection between both families, either giving Bruno advice (even as himself) or as someone on Kamran’s side trying to cement his bond to Kamala.

Either way, the fact they lauded both these films about fate and family feels like too big a coincidence. This paves the way for Marvel to offer SRK his Hollywood debut, at a time Bollywood celebs like Priyanka Chopra (The Matrix Resurrections) and Amitabh Bachan (The Great Gatsby) have showed the modern potential of more diversity. And ultimately, such a clever business move would boost Disney+’s viewership, especially with a new generation of streamers, due to Disney+’s Star hub of South Asian content, seeking to bridge societal and cultural gaps.

New episodes of Ms. Marvel every Wednesday on Disney+.

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