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Ms. Marvel’s Post-Credits Just Revived a Spider-Man: No Way Home Villain

The first exhilarating episode of Ms. Marvel brought a sinister villain who hated Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home back into the play.

The following contains spoilers for Ms. Marvel Episode 1, “Generation Why,” now streaming on Disney+.

One of the most impressive aspects of Spider-Man: No Way Home is how it juggled so many villains. From the Green Goblin to Electro to Sandman and Lizard, Peter Parker had to contend with quite a lot. The attempt was most welcomed by nostalgic fans, who loved the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb films.

However, the movie also had some shady figures, not just from the Sony era, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Interestingly, as Ms. Marvel kicked off Kamala Khan’s superhero journey in New Jersey, the post-credits of that premiere revived one of Pete’s NWH enemies, foreshadowing trouble to come.

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The episode ended with Kamala coming to terms with the power her family’s bracelet gave her, allowing her to rescue Zoe at AvengersCon thanks to her elongated energy-constructed hand. While folks who recorded it thought it may have been a gimmick, when it hit online it became clear some could view the teen — who was rocking a Captain Marvel costume and helmet — as a threat to the public.

That’s exactly what unfolded in the post-credits, as the U.S. Department of Damage Control’s Agent Cleary (played by Succession’s Arian Moayed) was shown a video from the event, displaying the chaos and what Kamala did. He immediately told his associate, Agent Deever, they needed to bring her in, ending the episode.

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His tone was quite sinister, suggesting they’re going to be aggressive like they were when they arrested Pete in No Way Home’s opening act, quizzing him and his associates. Cleary felt the kid was a danger to civilians, and while the mind-wipe spell may have erased Spidey from his memory, his philosophy remains. He believes this disguised kid is a walking weapon of mass destruction, setting up a dogged pursuit by his organization — a joint venture by Stark Industries and the Federal Government.

After all, Damage Control hasn’t just been about repairing cities like New York after disasters such as the Chitauri Invasion; they’re trying to be preemptive to rein in potential domestic dangers. Given Clearly’s hot-headedness, fans can’t wait to watch him try to solve the mystery and catch whoever’s under the mask. Seeing him chasing leads, tracking kids like Zoe and Bruno, who dressed up in costumes as well, will fit the show’s tone, which is cleverly blending action and teen comedy.

Interestingly, given her parents Pakistani and Islamic heritage, there might be a sociopolitical angle to mine as well, with Clearly having to tread lightly not to evoke stigmas as he goes after Kamala. Ultimately, this will force Kamala to evolve, using her mind and creativity to evade the cops. They’re, after all, the last thing she needs as she harnesses her cosmic talents and tries to emulate Carol Danvers.

To see Cleary lead the hunt for Kamala, Ms. Marvel every Wednesday on Disney+.

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