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My Hero Academia Season 6: Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast and More

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular manga and anime series of the modern age. The anime series premiered on April 3, 2016 and has so far aired five seasons, supplemented by three anime movies. Although the sixth season of the anime series was a sure thing, it wasn’t until the recent Jump Festa ’22 event that we actually received official information on the show. In this article, we are going to give you all the necessary information about season six of My Hero Academia.

My Hero Academia season six was confirmed when the final episode of season five aired. Recently, it has been confirmed that the sixth season would premiere during the Fall 2022 season, more specifically – in October 2022, with the show adapting the “Paranormal Liberation War” arc. Save for some visuals, no further information has been released. More info to follow in the upcoming months.

The rest of this article is going to bring you all the known and unknown information related to the 6th season of My Hero Academia. You’re going to find out about its release date, whether there is a trailer, what the story will be about, and much more about one of the most popular anime series of the modern era.

Season five of My Hero Academia ended its run on September 25, 2021. At the end of that episode, it was confirmed that the series would return for a sixth season, which wasn’t really a surprise, seeing how popular the show was. Now, initially, the anime series revealed very little information, so we had to wait until December’s Jump Festa ’22 event to get some new info.

During the event, it was confirmed that My Hero Academia would be returning quite soon, with the season scheduled for a Fall 2022 release, which is a bit later than usual, since the five seasons that have aired have mostly premiered during the spring season of their respective years. Until we get more information about a precise release date, here is an overview of the show’s basic structure:

Now, as the months have passed, no additional information had been released until late March 2022, when a new visual was officially released, highlighting the multiple protagonists up the upcoming season:

The poster also confirmed the Fall 2022 release date and revealed that we are in for a treat as far as the characters and the content are concerned. Later, it was revealed that the show would be premiering at the beginning of the season:

“My Hero Academia” season 6 anime adaptation, by Kouhei Horikoshi, will be on air from October, 2022.

We still don’t have an official release date, but we know that the anime is starting sometime in October 2022, which is good news, as it means that we won’t have to wait too much for the new season to begin.

No information about the dub of My Hero Academia season six has been revealed. The show has been dubbed in the past so we expect for a dub to pop up sooner rather than later, but whether it’s going to be a simuldub or a subsequent release (and if so, when will it be released) is still unknown. We’ll have to wait some more for any news regarding the dub.

If you’re wondering whether there is a trailer for My Hero Academia season six, we have good news for you. The first teaser trailer was released on September 25, 2021, right after the final episode of season five. You can check it out for yourselves:

The trailer was very short, but also sweet; it’s also not everything we have for you. Namely, Jump Festa ’22, which provided us with additional information about season six, also gave us a new teaser trailer, which revealed a lot more about the upcoming season. You can check that one for yourselves as well:

An additional third trailer was released on June 19, 2022. And while the trailer did not reveal any new information, save for a confirmation of the Fall 2022 release date, it did give us some new scenes from the upcoming season:

We now know that the sixth season of My Hero Academia will adapt the “Paranormal Liberation War”, which is the manga’s penultimate narrative arc. In order to prepare you for the show, we are going to give you a brief introduction to what happens in this story arc.

As winter break comes to an end, Tenya Iida wishes her classmates a Happy New Year and announces that everyone should be prepared for their hands-on reports to show off what they have learned during their internships and experiences. Denki Kaminari notices that Tenya is more excited, to which he replies that he has started to feel more flexible thanks to his work-study and instruction.

Shota is about to ride with them when she suddenly gets a call from the department office. In the girls’ dressing room, Toru Hagakure comments on how good Ochaco Uraraki’s new costume looks, while Kyoka Jiro comments on her new heavy shoulder pads which she shows have metal ropes in them that she can use and also uses her gift to counter their weight.

While Mina Ashido is playing with one of the guards, something falls out of him. This is the All Might key ring that Izuku Midoriya gave her for Christmas, much to her embarrassment. Mina teases Ochaco for this, but Uraraka dismisses any of these thoughts. Meanwhile, in the boys’ locker room, Eijiro Kirishima praises Izuku for taking control of Blackwhip, to which Izuku tells him that he can only handle it for a while and that it doesn’t have many uses yet, but considers it a strong gift.

Katsuki hits Izuku on the head with the mask, saying he hates it, shocking everyone when Midoriya bleeds. As the students go outside, they find All Might making cotton candy and trying to tell a joke that goes through their heads. They ask where is Shota, who according to All Might had a sudden departure. In the car, more and more agitated, Shota and Present Mic head to Tartarus.

The two wonder if what they were called to do is just a big misunderstanding when they arrive and meet Naomasa Tsukauchi and Gran Torino. Naomasa reminds them of the nature of Nomu, modified human bodies created to take advantage of many quirks, but their hearts and brains are twisted, so they are not considered living creatures, but ordinary puppets.

However, they discovered something that changes the situation drastically. They enter Kurogiri’s cell, whom they tried to interrogate about information about the League of Villains, however, he always only talks to them about useless things and locks up when the topic is brought to the League. Impatiently asking what’s going on, Gran Torino reveals that his Gift of Warp is the culmination of many of the Gift Factors, with the main factor strikingly similar to the Gift of someone they both know: their old friend and classmate Oboro Shirakumo.

As Shota ponders how Oboro was crushed by a collapsing building during their high school internship, and how they initially planned to create an agency together, Naomasa continues that they theorize that Kurogiri is a Nomu made of Oboro’s body as a base. Present Mic is stunned by this discovery, unsure how to get the information, while Gran Torino thinks about how All For One once said that the best Quirks have always flocked to U.A. Tall, believing he replaced the body before cremation…

This was just a short introduction, as we never intended to spoil the whole thing for you but we wanted to give you an introduction so you know what to expect in case you haven’t read the manga.

The “Paranormal Liberation War” is the penultimate narrative arc of My Hero Academia, as we have said above. It started with chapter 253 and ended with chapter 306; the total number of chapters in this arc is, thus, 54, making it the biggest narrative arc in the manga. The narrative arc has been collected in a total of six tankōbon volumes.

As far as the cast is concerned, My Hero Academia is still secretive about its cast, although we assume that the voice actors from the first five seasons are going to return for the sixth one as well. There will be some additions, some of the characters are gone, but until we get an official confirmation, this is our list of actors we expect will return to the show:

We don’t want to jinx anything, but we’re pretty certain that My Hero Academia will continue past season six, which means that a potential seventh season is more than likely. The manga’s Final Arc is still ongoing and it will probably be over in time for the production of season seven to start, so that is what you should be expecting after season six is over.

My Hero Academia season 6 release date

My Hero Academia season 6 trailer

My Hero Academia season 6 plot

My Hero Academia season 6 cast

Will there be a My Hero Academia season 7?

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