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My Hero Academia: The Tragic Secret Behind Endeavor’s Hero Name

In My Hero Academia Chapter 356, Enji Todoroki rises to face All For One in a battle that reminds him why he chose the hero name Endeavor.

The following contains spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 356, “Regarding The Enemy” by Horikoshi Kohei, Caleb Cook and John Hunt, available now in English from Viz Media.

After a near-fatal misstep in earlier My Hero Academia chapters, Endeavor was momentarily put out of commission by a sneak attack from All For One. As he lay recovering, the hero reminisced on all his life decisions that had led him on his current path, and chided himself for losing focus so easily. He then rose again when All For One least expected it, and delivered what might well be the final blow against the megalomaniac villain.

Before Endeavor rejoined the battle, the team of Kyoka Jiro, Tokoyami Fumikage and Hawks was holding down the fort. Hawks had successfully cracked All For One’s life support helmet with quick decisive strikes, but they weren’t enough to completely destroy it. Luckily, Tokoyami more than made up for the power needed to smash the helmet with his lightning-fast Abyssal Black Body Ragnarok Fleeting Blow.

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The students suddenly taking the offensive surprised All For One, but less so than his own inability to evade Tokoyami’s devastating attack. Even without eyes or ears, All For One had an awareness of his surroundings far exceeding average humans due to the number of sensory Quirks he’d stolen in his lifetime. They’d been reliable replacements for his senses until now, as it seemed all of his stolen Quirk factors were in full rebellion. For a moment, All For One was completely helpless.

Sensing the villain’s vulnerability, Hawks quickly charged, intending to finish him once and for all with a deadly blow. Unfortunately, at that very moment All For One managed to reassert control over his Rivet Stab Quirk. To cover for his lack of awareness, he manifested spikes all over his body that stabbed at the air around him and would have mortally wounded Hawks, Jiro and Tokoyami. Instead, the trio were saved by a newly awoken Endeavor, who sacrificed his left arm to All For One’s attack so no harm came to the rest of them.

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All For One realized MHA‘s number one Pro Hero had rejoined the fray and instantly resumed his attempts to psychologically break Endeavor. He commented that the hero’s stubbornness was the reason he was currently disfigured — but this time his words had no effect. Endeavor was already pondering on his own weakness, realizing it was his own fear of inadequacy — and inability to fully come to terms with his own lack of power — that had spurred him on as he continued making mistake after mistake.

He recalled choosing the alias “Endeavor” as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek reminder to himself. Only hard work and the drive to never give up brought him to the heights he had reached, and these same values would continue to sustain him. As long as he lived, Endeavor would always perpetually fight against his own weakness. Accepting this fact freed him of expecting some redemption for himself and allowed him to focus on the task at hand as My Hero Academia continues: stopping All For One.

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