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Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham Return to Miracleman With an All-New Story

Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham, Jason Aaron, Alan Davis and more team up for an all-new Miracleman story releasing in October from Marvel.

Neil Gaiman, Mark Buckingham, Jason Aaron and more are teaming up for a new Miracleman story from Marvel.

In celebration of Miracleman’s 40th anniversary, Marvel announced Miracleman #0, a new giant-sized one-shot coming this fall. Miracleman #0 comes from writers Gaiman, Aaron, Mike Carey, Ty Templeton and more, with art by Buckingham, Templeton, Ryan Stegman and more. The one-shot will also include a prelude to Miracleman’s upcoming new chapter with Marvel Comics.

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Initially created in 1954 by Mick Anglo as a UK version of DC’s Captain Marvel/Shazam, Miracleman’s — also known as Marvelman — initial series ran until 1963. The character was revived by Alan Moore in 1982 for the British anthology comic Warrior, which part a darker spin on the character. Gaiman and Buckingham teamed up in 1989 for “Screaming,” a short story starring Miracleman that was featured in Total Eclipse #4.

The two went on to create further Miracleman stories and planned to create three separate volumes: “The Golden Age,” “The Silver Age” and “The Bronze Age.” Legal disputes halted the project following “The Golden Age” and the character has largely been locked in contractual battles ever since. Marvel acquired the license to Miracleman in 2014. While legal issues still kept the character from appearing in Marvel Comics at the time, the publisher began teasing the introduction of Miracleman into the Marvel Universe during last year’s Timeless limited series.

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Prior to the announcement of Miracleman #0, Marvel released a variant cover series from artists Peach Momoko, Pepe Larraz, John Cassaday, Mark Bagley, Terry Dodson, Jim Cheung, Mark Buckingham, Salvador Larroca and several more. The series showed Miracleman accompanying or battling a number of notable Marvel Universe characters, including Venom, the X-Men, Doctor Strange and more.

In March, Marvel also announced a new Miracleman by Gaiman & Buckingham Book 1: The Golden Age TPB that will release in October. The trade paperback collects the first six issues of Gaiman and artist “Golden Age” Miracleman run that was published in 1992. The synopsis reads, “Atop Olympus, Miracleman presides over a brave new world forged from London’s destruction. It is a world free of war, of famine, of poverty. A world of countless wonders. A world where pilgrims scale Olympus’ peak to petition their living god, while miles below the dead return in fantastic android bodies. it is an age of Miracles — but is humankind ready for it? Do we even want it? Is there a place for humanity in a world of gods? Gaiman and Buckingham delve into the lives of lonely idealists, rebellious schoolchildren and fracturing families, exploring the human constant in a changing world of gods and miracles.”

Miracleman #0 features cover art by Alan Davis. The one-shot releases in October from Marvel.

Source: Marvel

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