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New Osomatsu-san movie release date confirmed for Summer 2022

The Osomatsu-san Twitter account unveiled plans for a 6th anniversary project, the first installment of which is the upcoming movie “Osomatsu-san: The Hipipo Tribe and the Shining Fruit,” a new movie set to come out on July 8th of this year nationwide across Japanese theatres.

While it will be a limited release, it’ll be the second Osomatsu-san movie to be in theatres this year, as the previous movie which came out in 2019 has plans for a rerelease this year to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the franchise.

Along with this announcement, the official Twitter account revealed a key visual as well as a trailer for the upcoming movie, which you can see for yourself below:

The teaser announces the reveal date, the cast of the movie, sets up the general premise of the movie, and announces that you can get a sparkly ticket holder for your movie ticket for a solid 1500 yen, on sale starting March 11th! Woo-hoo!

The description for the movie is as follows:

What if any wish you had could come true?! The six kids go off on a grand adventure to seek the legendary fruit on a mystical island! One day, the six kids decide to set out on an adventure that can make any wish come true to put an end to their boring everyday life. Unexpectedly, after making their way over to the aforementioned island, the kids come into contact with the curious Hipipo Tribe, who just so happen to be protecting that very same legendary fruit?! Just what will happen on this tale of desire and trouble, the biggest adventure yet for the Osomatsu-san crew?!

It seems as if the movie will follow the crew as they travel to meet the mysterious Hipipo Tribe, and their encounter with the aforementioned legendary fruit.

The announcement of a global release date for the movie hasn’t yet come out, nor has there been any mention of the movie being picked up for a limited release in theatres across America or anywhere else for that matter. While it is possible that the movie might see a widespread release a la My Hero Academia or Jujutsu Kaisen as Viz Media does have the digital streaming rights for the franchise, it’s as of yet unclear when this movie will be available worldwide. Hopefully soon — it seems like a doozy already!

What is the new Osomatsu-san movie about?

When will it be available globally?

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