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Nights With a Cat ane release date in Summer 2022 confirmed by Yoru wa Neko to Issho anime key visual

The Nights With a Cat anime has joined the roster of Summer 2022 anime alongside Made In Abyss Season 2, RWBY: Ice Queendom, and many others. Based on Kyuru Z’s manga by the same name, Nights With a Cat (also known as Yoru wa Neko to Issho) shows the daily life of a cat and their human companions.

Studio PuYUKAI — the animating team behind the Isekai Quartet, a spin-off series that pits together characters such as Youjo Senki’s Tanya and Overlord’s Ainz Ooal Gown — will be creating the series. (The Saga of Tanya the Evil Season 2 is confirmed for production. The Overlord Season 4 release date and the Isekai Quartet movie release date are both in 2022.)

Following the announcement, Yoru wa Neko to Issho’s Twitter has gained traction. With already 10,000 subscribers, the series is on its way to gaining a strong fanbase.

In celebration of the Nights With a Cat anime, the series’ official Twitter account is holding a raffle campaign. Fans can follow the official account and retweet this post in order to be entered to win signed artwork. Accounts will need to be set to public in order to win, and prizes will only be shipped to Japanese addresses. The event period ends May 22nd.  



①@yoruneko_PR をフォロー


As a slice-of-life comic strip, Nights With a Cat presents cute and relatable daily happenings between a cat and their human friend. Those wanting a deep plot full of twists, character development, and an ever-changing world probably won’t have much to get excited about. But if lighthearted fun and scenarios that every cat owner will find familiar sounds enjoyable then Nights With a Cat is an anime to check out.

A typical Nights With a Cat comic strip consists of a simple interaction: the human is busy plugging away at his computer while the cat is curious. Humorous hijinks follow; the cat and human have their own wants and reactions. But in the end, both of them enjoy each other’s company.

Given director Minoru Ashina’s previous work on Isekai Quartet — a TV short with a focus on quick, cute interactions — it’s possible that Nights With a Cat will follow a similar format. Could we be surprised by the series having a strong narrative focus? It’s possible, but we’ll have to wait and see for more details.   

Nights With a Cat originated as Zutto Neko Shoshinsha — a webcomic released on both Nekonavi and Twitter by Kyuru Z. The series was later picked up by publisher Kadokawa for a print release. Japanese fans can pick up the first two volumes — with a third coming April 28th — from retailers such as Amazon Japan. The manga is also available in eBook format on Book☆Walker.

English fans are in luck! The first two volumes are available for preorder — volume one releasing on June 21st and volume two releasing September 20th. Head on over to Yen Press’s website to find the books from retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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