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Power Rangers: Andros Just Unleashed the Galaxy’s Greatest Evil

In Power Rangers #20, one of the heroes’ allies appears to be responsible for unleashing the galaxy’s greatest force for evil.

The following contains major spoilers for Power Rangers #20, available now from BOOM! Studios.

Power Rangers has been teasing the arrival of the Death Ranger for a little while now, ever since the announcement of the character’s backstory miniseries. While that comic promises to explain the Death Ranger’s origin and how they came to be sealed away in Safehaven’s repository of sealed evils, it wasn’t clear if or when the character would become relevant to the comic’s modern continuity. Power Rangers #20 finally answers these questions, but through an unlikely avenue: the Ranger’s ally, Andros.

Andros was introduced to the comic earlier in the current arc, helping the Omega Rangers defeat a detachment of the marauding Xurix aliens, who had previously wiped out his planet on the orders of the alien warlord Dark Specter. In the most recent issue, while the Rangers are back on Earth at a funeral for Jason’s mother, Andros takes advantage of the trust of the heroes, tricking Xi into trapping a lone Xurix soldier in the vault. He then used a device he had planted on the alien to teleport in for a seemingly unknown purpose.

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Andros’ presence in the comic is an aberration, and an example of how much the story is willing to diverge from the original show. It uses parts of that show as a loose skeleton, keeping elements like Jason, Trini, and Zack leaving the team, but then modifies them. In the trio’s case it resulted in the creation of the Omega Rangers. In Andros’ case it results in the character being introduced much, much earlier. The Rangers currently seem to be heading towards the end of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and the beginning of the Power Rangers: Zeo series. And even that measurement is thrown off by the change in the Rangers’ enemy, as they fight the Automaton Dominion instead of The Machine Empire.

But Andros is still introduced as a rogue element, two seasons before his original appearance on Power Rangers in Space. His backstory is very similar to his original depiction in the show, but he is much darker here, likely as a result of the comic’s more mature audience. He’s willing to kill Xurix soldiers without hesitation, and wears a black “stealth” version of his original suit. It’s these darker vibes that seem to draw the Death Ranger to him. They exclaim that Andros “has felt a deep loss, greater than most,” and that such a loss brings with it both understanding and power.

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Andros accepts the alien ranger’s statement that they are “the one he has come for,” and he breaks open the chains restraining the Death Ranger. He then reaches inside the prison and pulls out an Omega Morpher. There’s no physical remnants of the deadly ranger — only their power. It’s this power that Andros craves, and for a very specific reason. While he wants to defeat Dark Specter in order to avenge the people of his decimated planet and prevent any further harm, the Death Ranger also asks if Andros is there to save “one very special life.”

It’s possible that person is Andros’ ailing friend, the Silver Ranger Zhane, but the Death Ranger’s question seems more like a pointed reference to his sister, Karone, who was kidnapped when he was a child. Unbeknownst to him, Dark Specter has already turned Karone into the villainess Astronema, who the Omega Rangers encountered earlier in the comic series. The tragic past Andros has faced has driven him to releasing the Death Ranger so that he can save his sister, but the dark path he now travels may see them both meet an even more tragic fate.

Alexander Sowa is a journalist, poet and writer, living in the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada. Armed with a passion for television and movies, he works as a news/features writer at Comic Book Resources. He enjoys superheroes, slam poetry, and Magic: The Gathering. You can find him on Twitter at @alexpaulsowa

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