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Prima Doll anime release date announced for Summer 2022

At AnimeJapan 2022, it was announced that Prima Doll, the anime adaptation of a multimedia project made by Key, will be making its premiere in July of 2022. Bibury Animation Studios will be handling the animation for the series, a newer studio known best for their work on the Quintessential Quintuplets 2 and the upcoming Black Rock Shooter: Dawn Fall.

Currently, the series consists of a web novel, a short story simulation, and figurines made by Kotobukiya, making the anime adaptation the first major Key property adaptation since Rewrite back in 2017.

The past few Key collaboration projects, which include The Day I Became A God, one of the series with the lowest score on NicoNico’s livewatch, haven’t exactly been hits, but the framework for Prima Doll seems to be in place to hopefully lead to a better adaptation.

You can watch the trailer for the upcoming anime series below:

Prima Doll follows mechanical dolls called Prima Dolls that were originally made to be weapons in a war that ended a few years prior to the start of the series. However, with no more war to fight, they go to work at a local coffee shop and work to find their new destinies. Dressed in shiny new kimonos and given new duties to follow, they live on in this age of peace to sing, dance, and live new, quiet daily lives in this upcoming original animation.

The series will be handled by Bibury Animation Studios with Motoki Tanaka, known better as Tensho, will be serving as the director for the series. He previously worked as the director for the Azur Lane anime, the Kiniiro Mosaic anime, and the Rewrite anime. When it comes to Key properties, he has a strong history working with them, with work on the Little Busters! OP as well.

As he works mostly with slice of life-type media, which Prima Doll’s “lite kinetic novels” tend to cover, there’s no doubt that he can certainly breathe life into this project. Additionally, Kai, the scenario writer for Clannad and director of Summer Pockets, will serve as the main writer for the series.

With Bibury’s past experience working with Key, here’s hoping that they’re able to pull it all together and bring Prima Doll to life!

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