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REVIEW: DC’s Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1

Meghan Fitzmartin and Laura Braga team up to show the heroes of DC’s Young Justice their biggest challenges yet in, Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1.

Meghan Fitzmartin and Laura Braga join forces to show how DC’s event Dark Crisis has affected generations to come in Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1. After the Death of the Justice League, the heroes that remain are left to ponder life without them. For members of Young Justice, the loss hits even harder. They didn’t just lose their mentors and colleagues — they lost their families.

Cassie Sandsmark, Wonder Girl, is the narrator of this story who sheds light on the past, present, and future of these young heroes. Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 throws this band of youngsters into a mess of many complicated emotions. To make matters worse, members of the heroic team keep going missing. It’s up to Cassie to find her vanished colleagues while an even more sinister danger lurks in the shadows.

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Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 shows a somber side of Young Justice as they attend the funeral of the fallen members of the Justice League. Cassie’s narration flows throughout the story. She tells the reader that it was inevitable that the Justice League would eventually fall. Fitzmartin explores Cassie’s deep connection to Wonder Woman. They were more than just mentor and mentee — they were friends. And when Bart Allen (Impulse), Tim Drake (Robin), and Conner Kent (Superboy) vanish into thin air, Wonder Girl makes it her mission to find the friends she has left. Cassie travels to numerous other heroes in search of clues about where her teammates could be, giving readers a tour of the world without the Justice League. Fitzmartin chose the perfect hero in Cassie. She proves that, although times are difficult, friends are always there for each other.

Fitzmartin and Braga are the perfect creative team to tackle Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1. They both do some of their best work here. The way Meghan Fitzmartin has Cassie narrating the entire story brings the story together in a heartwarming yet melancholy way. Although Cassie is young and not as experienced as some members of Young Justice, she is incredibly intuitive and wholesome.

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Braga draws the grief of these heroes in Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 by paying careful attention to their posture and facial expressions. At times the young heroes have their heads held low and shoulders slumped; wiping tears away from their faces to avoid upsetting their teammates. Colorist Luis Guerrero uses splashes of colors to show high points of emotion during action scenes and places heroes in dark, gloomy backgrounds to hint at the looming darkness at the heart of this issue.

Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 shows audiences a world still impacted by the loss of the Justice League. The youngest heroes have to step up to carry an immense burden. Cassie’s narration explores the complicated process of choosing who your family is and mending broken relationships and brings a wholesome flair to this story. With strong writing coming from Meghan Fitzmartin, who deals with the different emotions that come from loss, and Laura Braga’s art that displays how grief physically impacts these characters, Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 challenges these youngsters in ways they’ve never seen before.

Megan is a comic book fan from the United States that has a love for an enthralling story. Outside of comics Megan enjoys films, television, and creating content such as unboxing videos of collectibles or cosplaying.

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