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Savage Spider-Man Just Discovered a Long-Lost Marvel Powerhouse

A long-lost powerhouse has finally returned as part of a horrifying plot, and his freedom could change the face of the Marvel Universe forever.

The following contains major spoilers for Savage Spider-Man #4, available now from Marvel.

Marvel has produced plenty of iconic, genius superheroes over the years, as well as just as many if not even more villains who share the same incalculable levels of intelligence. While most of these figures have been able to put their talents to a profound use, others have never truly found the respect they deserved. In the case of the Mad Thinker, his latest appearance has made him nothing more than a cog in someone else’s machine. However, thanks to the intervention of a cold, calculated Peter Parker, he may have just gotten another chance to bend the world to his will.

Peter has finally shed his monstrously transformed state, only for an overly logical version of himself to emerge instead. As seen in the pages of Savage Spider-Man #4 (by Joe Kelly, Gerardo Sandoval, Victoria Nava, Chris Sotomayor, and VC’s Travis Lanham) the hero quickly gets to work investigating a villainous operation, only to find it is powered almost entirely by an unexpected figure. Julius, aka the Mad Thinker, has been hardwired into the Immaculatum’s designs to act as a mainframe of sorts. That in itself is a horrifying development, the fact that Peter ultimately takes Julius’ place in the machine is even more unsettling, and not just because of Spider-Man’s own descent into abject madness.

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When the Mad Thinker first appeared in 1963’s Fantastic Four #15 (by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby), he had intruded upon the lives of Marvel’s First Family in a bid to preemptively remove the threat they posed to him. Seeking world domination and convinced that the eponymous heroes were the only ones smart enough to ever stop him, the Mad Thinker quickly developed a deadly obsession with the Fantastic Four. Eventually, this culminated in the villain forming a new Fantastic Four under his command at a time when Reed Richards and Sue Storm (Mister Fantastic and Invisible Woman) were presumed to be dead.

Thankfully, Julius’ team of villains was ultimately defeated, yet the damage he wrought during his unhinged state was only further evidence of how dangerous the Mad Thinker is. Worst of all, Spider-Man has just unleashed him on the world all over again. It seems as though in his current state, Peter never considered what would happen if he unplugged Julius to take his place. Apart from taking the reins of the Immaculatum’s machine, he has given the Mad Thinker another chance to escape, and there is no doubt that Julius will be doing precisely that before the fight is over.

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There is always some chance that Julius will be captured once again before he is able to find freedom, but that doesn’t seem very likely given the circumstances. With Spider-Man, Zemo and the Immaculatum all at each other’s throats, the Mad Thinker has been given the perfect opportunity to make a subtle exit. Assuming that’s the case, it will only be a matter of time before he rears his head again with some new master plan.

The volatile A-Plus drug and tech that the Immaculatum has weaponized were originally the Mad Thinker’s design. As such, it only makes sense that he would return to that scheme once given the chance. Even worse, the Immaculatum has given it a full-fledged test run, with Peter’s intervention poised to expose any further flaws in its design. By the time the Mad Thinker does step back into the spotlight, he will be further ahead of the competition than ever and with a few new lethal grudges for his trouble.

John Dodge has been an avid consumer of comic books and nerd culture for as long as he can remember. An expert on competitive gaming and obscure kids shows from the 80’s and 90’s, John has far too many opinions about Beetleborgs for someone in their thirties. You can find him occasionally discussing them over on Twitter at @JohnJDodge.

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