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Science Fell in Love: 5 Lingering Questions Fans Want Answered After Season 2

Science Fell in Love’s second season made big strides in the story of love in the lab, but there’s still unfinished business to take care of.

The following contains spoilers for Season 2 of Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It was a returning rom-com of the Spring 2022 anime season, whose characters use the power of real-life science to determine if they are truly in love with one another. Book smarts don’t always translate into emotional intelligence at Saitama University, but Yukimura Shinya and Himuro Ayame will give it their best shot.

Season 2 of Science Fell in Love continued right where Season 1 left off, but a few new characters joined the main cast as Ayame and Shinya bravely explored the frontiers of romance and science together with new romances blossoming around them. Even so, fans of Science Fell in Love have some burning questions about where the story might go next, and how the unresolved plot threads might be concluded in the future.

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Science Fell in Love‘s Season 2 finale established a brand-new love triangle, with the kind deredere scientist Kanade Kotonoha joining the Ayame/Shinya pairing as a friendly rival to Ayame. This rivalry was actually Ayame’s idea, not Kanade’s, and Ayame clearly looks forward to politely competing with a worthy opponent to see who can win the heart of the kuudere Yukimura Shinya first.

Kanade and Shinya both appeared exasperated by this idea when Ayame introduced it, but no doubt they’ll be fair game for more love-based science experiments in a potential Season 3. Kanade has a strong intuition with romance and emotions, after all, which will make up for Ayame’s stronger grasp on science and her head start on wooing Shinya. But how will this turn out? Kanade might just concede to help keep things stable — or she might embrace her amorous feelings for Shinya, and someone could get hurt. That makes for some serious potential drama.

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Season 2 of Science Fell in Love saw the hardcore gamer Kosuke and the self-professed chunibyo Ena make huge strides in their own relationship. They have known each other since childhood, but only recently have they even faintly considered pursuing a new romance together. True, they looked out for one another in Season 1, such as during the Okinawa sequence, but Season 2 took it all to new heights.

Kosuke can’t deny what his heart truly wants, while Ena gets jealous when he spends quality time with other women. But will these stubborn goofballs ever get serious and make a solid love confession to one another? Just once, they could stop playing games and pursue their true desires.

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Season 2 also added the genki girl Haruka to the main cast, a high school student who doesn’t take her studies very seriously — much to her scientist father’s frustration. Haruka was introduced when Shinya volunteered to tutor her at home, where he made clever use of Haruka’s love of boba tea to show her how physics works.

Haruka slowly warmed up to both Shinya and science, and later she even visited Saitama University’s festival and was inspired by Ayame to take her studies more seriously. Now a junior scientist in the making, her father is proud of her — but should Haruka’s story end there? A possible Season 3 could take place in the near future, where Haruka strives to pass her entrance exams to get into Saitama U’s science department. That would be a sight to see.

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Science Fell in Love‘s second season ended on a grim note when the male yandere Naoya actually kidnapped his date, Kanade, and explained he is desperate to achieve a “normal” romance — even if he must force his partner to change to suit his needs. His insecurities about self-acceptance and normalcy made him a dark and twisted version of Kanade, but fortunately the local police arrested him before he could do much else.

Even so, this brutal sequence felt out of place in a rom-com like Science Fell in Love; if the anime can get that dark once, it might do so again. Fans might be cautious about a possible Season 3, and will want to know ahead of time if the story will go there again.

The passionate manga artist Yamamoto Arika returned for more romance shenanigans in Season 2. Luckily, Shinya and the others had largely forgiven her for her antics in Okinawa. Instead of meddling with Shinya and Ayame, this time Yamamoto decided to team up with Kosuke and use the Kinsey scale to determine how much the general population loves 2-D girls vs 3-D ones.

Yamamoto is also secretly insecure about her marital status in relation to her age — something her friends tease her about — so she might do something about that soon. Shinya and Kosuke are more or less spoken for, so Yamamoto might seek love in the arms of a new partner, perhaps a new character who could appear in a Season 3. Yamamoto’s romantic frustration can’t remain a running gag forever — her character arc has to go somewhere eventually.

Louis Kemner has been a fan of Japanese animation since 1997, when he discovered Pokemon and Dragon Ball Z in elementary school. Now he’s a bigger anime/manga fan than ever, and is ready to share what he knows with readers worldwide. He graduated high school in 2009 and received his Bachelor’s in creative writing from UMKC in 2013, then put his skills to work in 2019 with He’s always looking for a wonderful new anime to watch or manga series to read.

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