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Snacko Is a Great Farming Sim for Cat Lovers

Cat lovers and farming sim enthusiasts are bound to feel at home in Snacko, as the upcoming game successfully brings the best out of both worlds.

When a small Canadian indie team of two thought about creating their dream farming sim, some classics naturally sprung to mind. Having played Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Rune Factory, Story of Seasons, and the like, the visual and thematic inspiration was aplenty. However, it was not until the founding members of Bluecurse Studios turned to their feline office assistants that the vision truly came to life, birthing a great farming sim for cat lovers: Snacko: A Farming Cat-venture.

Published by Armor Games Studios, Snacko puts the players in the paws of two big city kitties, Momo and Mikan. After realizing that the repetitive dullness of a nine-to-five job and the daily hubbub of a metropolis isn’t up their alley, the two felines set off together for calmer shores. Their unpredictable adventure eventually leads them to a mysterious island shrouded in an unusual curse. Despite the island caretaker’s warnings, Momo and Mikan decided to put down roots and build their lives from the ground up.

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Like Stardew Valley and Little Witch in the Woods, Snacko mixes farming sim aspects with unfettered exploration. This is further expanded with a robust crafting and customization system, which shines the brightest in town building. Players are given complete freedom to color-coordinate, decorate, rotate, and place their home and local businesses wherever they please. As the settlement gradually grows in size, so will its community.

While the core gameplay revolves around building a farm where Momo and Mikan can cultivate delicious crops across the four seasons and welcome cuddly animals to their newfound home, Snacko allows players to delve deeper into the island’s mysteries at their behest. Since lifting the age-old curse is entirely optional, cat enthusiasts can choose to spend their days crafting, decorating, exploring, farming, or fishing instead. With the opportunity to advance through the narrative in different ways, the lush world of Snacko will take the players to eerie forests, procedurally generated mines, snowy plains, and many other picturesque locations.

As Momo and Mikan progress with their journey of self-discovery, they can cordially invite new members to join them in growing the settlement. Posting a job listing by choosing the preferred manner of help will attract villagers from all walks of life, some of whom might prove less friendly and open-minded than others. The words and tone used in these postings ought to play a significant role, which is why freely typing the letter will be made available. To strengthen the kitties’ bonds with new Snackonians, players can also partake in various friendship events.

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Snacko‘s heartwarming nature would not be the same without a relaxing soundtrack, which is why Bluecurse Studios enlisted the help of Dale North, a multitalented composer whose expert approach creates a serene equilibrium within the game. Building on its alluring overworld design is Momo and Mikan’s engaging story, curated by Mandy Benanav, a narrative designer who helped forge some of Telltale Games’ story-driven wonders.

While Snacko was presented during this year’s Guerrilla Collective showcase, the game does not yet have a firm release date. Right now, it’s planned for most platforms by the end of the year, and curious patrons can support the final stretch of the developer’s endeavors on Kickstarter. As a pixel-rich 3D farming sim adventure that delicately tackles the ebbs and flows of a wistful off-grid life by presenting it allegorically through the eyes of two brave felines, Snacko does more than just entertain the thought of an idyllic escape. It paints a colorful picture of new beginnings that many players will find to their liking, even if they are not acquainted with the genre.

Constantine Morgus is a Game and Narrative Designer by trade. He has also worked as a Content Writer and Ghostwriter in the past. Since Constantine is multilingual, he spouts (lyrical) nonsense more often than he would like to admit. Strangely enough, none of it is reflected in his Games Features… or so he would like to believe!

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