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Spy x Family: Anya’s Heroism Is Much Bigger Than a Stella Star

Anya has made her parents proud in Episode 11 of Spy x Family.

The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Episode 11, “Stella,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The pressure is on in Episode 11 of Spy x Family as time starts running out for Loid to get close to Donovan Desmond. The National Unity Party chairman seems to be making moves in the background, and if Loid isn’t careful, peace between the East and West may no longer be a possibility. Loid has to figure out a way for Anya to earn her first Stella Star, and fast.

Although academics ar the fastest route to obtain Stella Stars at Eden, it’s clear that that’s not where Anya’s strength lies — not to mention her deep-rooted disdain for studying. Not all hope is lost, however, as Stella can be earned through other avenues like art, sports, or community service.

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Unfortunately, aside from academia, Anya is also not particularly talented in art, music or sports. Despite repeated failures, Loid is unexpectedly endeared to see just how hard his daughter is working. Their last hope lies in doing volunteer work at the hospital, and even that proves to be fruitless. Anya causes a lot more chaos than anticipated from breaking vases and sleeping on the sheets when she should be folding them. In retrospect, Loid should have anticipated this when Anya also failed spectacularly at cleaning the house to prepare for Yor’s arrival. Loid truly has the patience of a saint. Even though the prospects earning a Stella are looking bleak, he never takes out his frustrations on Anya.

Although Anya isn’t book-smart, she is incredibly resourceful. As they’re about to leave the hospital, Anya hears a boy drowning in the pool through her telepathy, but she can’t tell her father how she knows someone is in danger. She lies and says that she’s going to the pool to practice swimming, so she can become a pro swimmer and sprints over to the rehabilitation pool.

The way the camera spins around Anya as she leaps into the pool makes the moment spectacular to watch. Although Loid had to be the one to save Anya and the little boy, it was because of Anya’s heroism that any of the adults were alerted in the first place. For her brave act, Anya was awarded her first Stella.

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Anya’s Stella was significant not so much in the fact that it has brought her and Loid closer to world peace, but in reconciling her feelings towards her powers. The trauma of being experimented on in a facility as well as moving from foster home to foster home has instilled low self-esteem into Anya. Just the thought of telling Loid that the boy was drowning was enough to terrify her. She knew his reaction wouldn’t be good, as everyone else in her life has reacted with fear and suspicion.

This isn’t the first time that Anya has used her powers for good like when she helped her parents catch the purse-snatcher, but this is the first time that she’s been acknowledged in such a way. In her experience, nothing good had ever come out of using her powers due to being ostracized by the world around her.

It’s also a huge parenting moment for Loid and Yor, but especially for Loid. Yor is delighted that Anya has earned a Stella and hugs her. Loid is just as proud as he pats Anya on her head, but his happiness doesn’t stem from the fact that she’s earned a Stella. He’s proud because Anya was incredibly brave and did the right thing.

Anya’s feelings towards her powers are similar to how Loid and Yor feel towards their dual identities. The two of them hadn’t realized the impact their careers as a spy and assassin respectively had on other people. Because of the nature of their jobs, they can never be recognized. But when the old woman thanked the Forger parents for helping her, Loid was unexpectedly taken aback by how happy he felt for being recognized. Loid doesn’t know it yet but his compliment to Anya has changed how she views herself and her powers.

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