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Spy x Family Foreshadows Anya’s Furry Best Friend in the Next Cour

Anya appears to have a furry new friend coming her way in Spy x Family – but fans will have to wait until the anime’s next cour arrives.

The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Episode 11, “Stella,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

One of the best anime of the Spring 2022 season, Spy x Family‘s first cour is coming to a close. There’s only one episode remaining, but fear not — fans will be reunited with the beloved Forger family once more in Fall 2022 after a short break. And it looks like the family of three might soon become a family of four with a new addition to the Forger family being teased.

Anya’s heroic rescue act not only earned her a Stella Star, it also garnered a reward from her parents. It’s the first time she’s gotten any kind of reward, and she’s not totally sure what she should ask for — aside from a year’s supply of peanuts. Luckily she has Becky to help her out, and what better reward to ask for than a dog?

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The conversation between Becky and Anya shows how little of a childhood Anya received before she met Loid and Yor. The concept of asking for a reward was so foreign to her that she wasn’t sure what to ask for. It’s endearing and a little tragic that when Becky suggests she ask for a dog, Anya isn’t really excited in the way a normal child would be. In fact, her focus is solely on Operation Strix because she asks Damian if he has a dog, hoping this would be another way for her to help her father with his mission.

In her childish imagination, getting a dog would allow her to easily befriend Damian — which would then prompt him to invite her and Loid over to the Desmonds. From there, it only made sense to Anya that her father and Damian’s father would agree to stop the war and she’d be a hero for bringing about world peace.

When Anya brings up the dog to her parents though, they have very different but well-meaning reactions. Loid is all for a large dog, capable of defending the house. On the other hand, Yor is worried that a dog might rip Anya to shreds — even a small one is capable of wielding a weapon in Yor’s eyes. At this point, Anya isn’t quite sure whether a dog is a good idea anymore.

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The scene transitions to a location filled with cages of locked-up dogs as two men taunt them. It seems as though the dogs have been experimented on, but the reason why has yet to be revealed. The majority of them are aggressive and agitated, except for one very large and very fluffy-looking dog who suddenly perks up when an image of a family flashes before his eyes: the Forgers.

Based on the preview for Episode 12, Spy x Family fans sadly won’t be able to see who this new dog is until the second cour. However, a few details are noted in the short sneak peek. Similarities can already be drawn between this new dog and Anya. Both of them have been subjected to horrendous experiments at facilities run by people who are only interested in figuring out how to make them into tools. The dog also seems to have some kind of power similar to Anya’s in that they are both cognitive. While Anya is able to read people’s minds, the dog seems to be a clairvoyant.

The Forger family just keeps getting more and more interesting as Spy x Family goes on. With what appears to be a future-seeing dog possibly joining them, the possibilities are endless. There’s bound to be hilarious antics in the future with yet another being desperately trying to keep everyone else from finding out their secret. Fans saw how great Loid, Yor, and Anya were as a crime-fighting team, and a dog would be a fantastic addition. The dog is also yearning for a family to love and for them to love him — and the Forgers are the perfect fit.

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