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Spy x Family: Why Anya Has the Makings of a Great Spy

In Episode 11 of Spy x Family, Anya has shown yet again that she has what it takes to become a great spy in the future.

The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Episode 11, “Stella” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

Spy x Family has so far shown Anya to be a timid and somewhat reserved little girl. Unless she’s got sufficient motivation, she really doesn’t care to study or improve her grades much. Despite her low academic scores, however, she’s on her way to becoming one of the best spies out there.

Numerous hints throughout Season 1 have shown that Anya is incredibly smart. Instead of acting impulsively, she will carefully consider her options first. When she reads Loid’s mind with her telepathy, she analyzes him and seems to know what the correct response for that occasion is. Anya’s psychic powers are something that no underground villain can overcome. She’s used her power before to point out a purse snatcher, but Episode 11 reveals she’s honed her powers even further.

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In Episode 11 of Spy x Family, the Forgers had Anya doing all kinds of extracurriculars, trying to find out what she might be good at if her grades were not going to improve. They tried sports, music, arts and finally community service. Unfortunately, she stuck out like a sore thumb and the hospital asked her to leave. It was after that when she heard the cries of a drowning boy — cries that could only be heard by her.

Anya had put two and two together when she listened to Loid thinking about how the agency could help them with fake rescues and such. She needs to make eight of them to be invited to a soirée that the school puts on — which Loid’s target attends. Anya knew that a rescue would give her the upper hand, so she just went with it, proving her instinct was spot on. It’s also nice that she wanted to rescue the boy more than she used it as a calculative plot point.

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Despite being a klutz at times in Spy x Family, like during the dodgeball tournament, Anya has the ability to train hard and put her all into the things she does. Yor showed her how to throw a punch, and she learned quickly how and when it should be executed. She even punched the target’s second son, earning her a Tonitrus bolt — much to Loid’s dismay.

If Yor trained her up some more, Anya could become the next thorn princess. A closer look at Yor might even reveal some similarities in the two characters: Yor with her head in the clouds and Anya with simple wants and desires, like watching the Spy Wars show and eating peanuts.

Anya also shows a bit of sadism in some of the looks she gives. She gets genuine joy over pulling one over on someone, especially if they deserve it. So whether she grows up and becomes a spy herself or just clings onto the lessons that Loid and Yor impart to her, she’s well on her way to becoming a great agent — even if that means she only uses her powers for her own personal advancement. Besides, she’s already picked a great spy name: “Starlight Anya.”

Breana Ceballos is a pop culture journalist who loves writing about cartoons. She enjoys watching anime and raising two nerdy kids. Feel free to tweet me for personal anime recommendations!

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